Welcome The New Mr & Mrs Burridge…..

By Delia

We only went and got married on Saturday!!

I’m still recovering 3 days later, but what a fantastic day we had. My feet still haven’t touched the floor as I’m coming to terms with being a Wife. We had such a great day which far exceeded my expectations I couldn’t have hoped for a better day.

The few days before the wedding were chaotic to say the least and things started to fall apart and go wrong, but I was confident it would all come together on the day. The day before the wedding, I worked tirelessly preparing the venue with the help of some friends and family. We had our wedding rehearsal at 6pm, both children needed a wee during this, of course. I didn’t sit down until 10pm, I barely slept that night as I just couldn’t switch off, not even the gin helped.

But all thing considered the wedding day itself ran smoothly, apart from arriving a bit late at the church, (sorry vicar) the service was exceptional. I was walked down the aisle in a rather emotional state by my Uncle and greeted by my future husband welling up at the end! The children behaved impeccably throughout and I was so proud. I wasn’t prepared for the emotions I would experience, after all we have been together for over 17 years now, but I managed to pull myself together for the vows.

After confetti and photographs we enjoyed a vintage tractor and trailer ride around the village where the locals waved as we went by.  We arrived across the road at the reception greeted by drinks and more well wishes. The venue was brimming with people and everyone got stuck into the sweet table. This was followed by a full-on afternoon of photos, food, cake, magic, drinking, dancing and general merriment until the early hours.

A few thing I learnt from our day that I wasn’t expecting;

  • Don’t underestimate how many sweets your guests will munch their way through , they are not just for kids, we had to restock after an hour!
  • Our guestbook was a real hit, the instant selfie camera was very popular and we now have a great momento of the occasion.
  • You will cry. A lot. It’s totes emosh walking down the aisle. My tip is to avoid eye contact with the audience, as the criers will only make things worse. (Think of the makeup)
  • Don’t be too precious about your dress. Long Wedding dresses are a pain to dance in, there will be a point when you kick off your heels and forget about the fact that you have turned into a human broom. (Prosecco helps with this)
  • It’s all totally worth it!! Everyday sleepless night, every argument, every wobble and panic attack. I’m not planning on ever doing this again – But i have no regrets!
  • Kids really do perform on the day – ‘let it go’ as Elsa said, they will surprise you.

I wish anyone getting married soon a wonderful, fun filled day full of laughter and love!
Love Mrs B x

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Top photo is a wedding present: handmade embroidery hoop with hand drawn portrait from Sew Cool Dolls

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