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Hello all! As you may have noticed we have some new bloggers that have joined the SYGM team, these are the new SYGMtribe (had to name change as we have a groom blogging this time!). I love having real brides and grooms sharing their stories, and this time I have tried to choose a diverse range so we have weddings happening from the Isle of Islay to NYC over the next year. There will be a post up at 6pm each night and hopefully you will enjoy following along with their plans.

image | Natasha Hurley 

You will be able to find their posts in the drop down at the top under SYGMbride (sorry Tim!). We have 2 brides left for 2017; Gemma and Sam, and the rest get married in 2018. From Dorset to the Dales, from micro breweries to midnight glamour. We have it all! So keep an eye out or catch up here with the introductions.

image | Nicola Dixon Photography

I haven’t been blogging as much as usual as I am going through quite a difficult time at the moment (you can read about it all on my other blog Simply Weekend), but I am back at it this week and we have a back log of stunning real weddings scheduled on top of these lovely lots updates. I love getting invested in other peoples planning journeys and it genuinely breaks my heart a bit when I wave them good bye as a newlywed so I am glad we have a few this time so it will cushion the blow when they leave us for newly wedded pastures!

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