Wedding Planning – 4 Good Places To Start

By Delia

Planning the wedding is the best bit for me. I’m list obsessed, there’s something really satisfying about completing an item on a list. I have been known to write lists of things that I have already achieved, only to then ‘cross them out’ pronto, which gives me instant self gratification. Sad, I know.

I expect you already have an idea of what you would like, but here are my personal starting points (similar to a list 🙂 )

  • Consider Your Budget

For us this was simply, as less as possible. We had no strict budget and just tried to keep costs to a minimum. It is very easy to over spend, so stick to your budget and WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN! Get yourself a lovely wedding notebook or planner and you will be less likely to forget things (mine is nothing fancy just a ruled notebook) take it everywhere with you, I constantly thought of things to jot down over the planning months. If things are beginning to get out of hand, reign it in. There are plenty of ways to reduce costs (I will cover some of these in future posts)

  • Write Your Guest List – Together

Your opinions on who to invite will vary and your partner will bring things to the table which you may not have anticipated. The simple rule we followed for our guest list was similar to what use for my wardrobe, (not worn it in a year? Get rid of it) If I haven’t seen you, been out with you or communicated with you in the last 12 months then I’m afraid, you’re out.

Harsh?? There has to be a cut off, you will NOT please everybody, no matter how hard you try. Remember it’s your day, you want to look back on your photos in years to come and be able to name those faces….

  • Set A Date

Easy right? We started planning in July for our wedding in October. One things for sure, you cannot guarantee the weather in England and we have had an incredibly wet summer. A friends (that’s you Vicki 😉 ) Mum mentioned in conversation that ‘The beginning of October is always nice’ I thought, she seems sensible, lets go with that. I toyed between two Saturdays, which were only two weeks apart, until I realised the first was our dogs birthday, so that was clearly out and the date was set.

  • Location, Location, Location.

Home or abroad, church service or registry office, most couples will already have an idea of what they want and can afford.  Discuss with your partner what you want from your day and what is important to you both. We both knew we wanted a church service and are settled in a lovely village with a church so it was a no brainer. In timely fashion our local pub reopened this year after major refurbishment so the reception venue was sorted. Not only that it’s opposite the church so the location is perfect! This means we also save on transport costs, an added bonus. Think about the size of your bridal party, how far you will have to travel, any special places you may like to get married, your decor and styling preferences and of course your budget. Then go and explore your options, armed with your wedding notebook.

Happy planning!

Delia x

We get married on Saturday & I still managed to squeeze in a blog post- wish me luck!

The photograph is one of my handmade wedding signs – more DIY wedding bits to follow.

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