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By Gemma
Image of marriage proposal on Gapstow Bridge in Central Park, New York


Hi everyone. Welcome to my first post on SYGM.

I have so much I want to share but thought I’d best start at the beginning – the day we got engaged.

We’d been together for about two years when Dan chose New York to get down on one knee. It’s our favourite city in the world and the only people who knew what he was planning were my parents. I’m still amazed they managed to keep it a secret!

If I hadn’t been so oblivious I would have probably realised that Dan was acting a bit weird and being very protective of his coat, but I’m pretty sure I was too busy thinking about pancakes. If only I’d known what was in his pocket…

After breakfast we wandered to a snow-covered Central Park and onto Gapstow Bridge. Dan got me to look out over the bridge to take a picture and when I turned around he was down on one knee, holding out my dream ring.  Cue me bursting into tears and just about managing to nod to say yes! My parents captured the whole thing and I’m so glad I have pictures of such a special moment.

The whole day then went by in a blur and I was that excited about wedding planning I started emailing venues the morning after. Turns out you can get a lot done when your fiancé likes to spend hours in Adidas!

Fast-forward nine months and it’s now just under five weeks until we tie the knot. This year has flown by and I can’t wait to share my wedding planning with you all over the next few weeks.

Gemma x

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