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Morning all! A few weeks ago I received a little white box in the post, the team behind Design in Scent wanted to sent me their wedding collection, I of course said yes because I adore perfume. I have written an in depth perfume post on my lifestyle blog. I am sat writing this with the box open and the little vials of joy are scenting the room with heady wonderful smells. So, want to wear something different on your wedding day? Both you and your husband to be? Then this idea is for you!

When opening the package there are samples of all their wedding scents. There are his, hers and then unisex or union scents. I love the idea of my husband to be wearing a scent in the morning, whilst I wear a different one, then we have a union scent to wear combining the two for after the wedding. Design in Scent is all about layering perfumes and I have dabbled over the weeks layering different combinations. I was naturally drawn to a lot of the masculine woody scents.

Here is what Gemma and Meghan say their vision is for their wedding collection:

Launching the Wedding Collection in Spring 2017 is the first step in us really challenging the way that we as society value our sensory experience of the world and even how we perceive reality.

 We want to raise people’s awareness of their sense of smell so we feel deeply and become more emotionally connected to the world around us.

 We want to revive some of the extravagant applications of fragrance because unapologetic beauty is a life-affirming gift that should not just be seen or heard.

 We want to show how scent can soothe the psyche, heal the body and exhilarate the spirit. Sing to your mind, body and soul.

 We want to use it to throw open the doors of possibility and plug people right into the source of their creativity.

 And we want to capture the imagination and utter delight of children, who we have discovered never really grow up…

There are 4 main collections Timeless, Radiate, Tomorrow and Symphony. These are the union scents. Each of those branch off in to a his and hers perfume.

Timeless consists of Valley of Dew and Mountain Roots. Valley of Dew is very fresh, floral and feminine, whilst then masculine scent Mountain Roots as a pine woodiness to the union scent.

Symphony, again I prefer the masculine scent of Eden Noir rather then the floral White Jardin but when combined the perfumes make a beautiful musky sensual combination. Orange blossom and neroli stand out in this set for me.

Radiate consists of Amber’s Glow which is the feminine scent and Spiced Embers which is the masculine scent. Both are woody and warming with spicy notes. (My personal favourite!) Lots of tobacco, cinnamon, amber and birch tar.

Tomorrow consists of lots of myrtle, myrrh and frosted foliage. Deep Dusk, the masculine perfume is beautiful, with frankincense, pachouli, black pepper and clove all sitting perfectly on the skin.  I would wear this on its own just day to day, I have fallen so in love with this one!

If you fancy picking up a box you can for £25, it contains all the samples I mentioned and it will give you a better understanding of just how well Design in Scents fragrance layering works. Perfume is such a personal thing that it is hard for me to express how beautiful the fragrances are, how they last on my skin will be different to yours so I would highly recommend getting some samples for you and your partner to try.

I still spritz my wedding perfume and it brings back all the memories of the day. I bought something new so that it was unique to that event and I can highly recommend doing so. Design in Scent would be the perfect place to start your scent hunt!

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