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Good evening all! If you are a long time reader of the blog you will know that I am partial to a gin. But what you may not know is that my taste stretches to all spirits and wine. Not beer. Don’t get beer. My second favourite tipple is whiskey. When Jack Daniels sent my a super cute box of love including their single barrel I was very excited to move the gin to one side and have a few whiskeys.


The fact that the bottle arrived engraved with So You’re Getting Married added such a lovely touch and something that would definitely go down well as a gift for your wedding squad. Whether a special gift for just the best man, or for all of your bridesmaids, you can get it engraved with their names, a private joke or the date of the special day itself.

It can be personalised online via the Jack Daniels store.


A little bit of info about their single barrel:

Not just any Jack Daniel’s Barrel is granted the status of Single Barrel – with only one out of every 100 barrels being hand-selected by the Jack Daniel’s Master Tasting Panel having met the standard. Sent to mature in the highest reaches of the barrelhouse, the extremes in temperature across the seasons creates the bold and robust flavours of the whiskey inside.

With every individual bottle imparting its own exclusive taste, each is hand-labelled and marked with a unique rick number and bottling date.

Single Barrel Select offers a distinctive, full-bodied taste with notes of vanilla, toasted oak and caramel. Harbouring less sweetness and more power than the original Old No.7, the Single Barrel Select offers a much richer variation. With no two barrels producing the same whiskey, Jack Daniel’s delivers a one-of-a-kind gift

I must advocate safe and sensible drinking but a little sip on the morning of the wedding, or pre speech would be most welcome! Believe me! For the purposes of this post I of course had to sample, it has a beautiful aroma with warming qualities and a lovely delicate spiciness which lasts long after drinking. Most will enjoy straight or on the rocks, but I enjoyed with ginger ale over lots of ice, one of my favourite mixers.

Finding gifts for your wedding team can be hard, I think something personalised is always the way forward as it makes it a special keepsake. I am already excited to put flowers in to the bottle after its finished!

Glass from Anthropologie

Napkins from H&M

Paper Straws via Amazon

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Jack Daniels. Please drink sensibly.

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