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Wedding dress shopping is one of the most exciting aspects of planning your big day. After all, what else could be more enjoyable than trying on a plethora of stunning wedding gowns and sipping champagne in between each one?

However, there are some things that are well worth knowing about before you hit the shops with your bride tribe. Here you can learn 5 factors to bear in mind:

1. Bringing Your Entire Bridal Party Can be Overwhelming

While on films and TV shows the bride brings along her whole bridal party to help her find “The one”, in reality it’s not for everyone. You’ve probably heard of the saying ‘too many cooks can spoil the broth’ and the same analogy applies to wedding dress shopping. Too many opinions can cause you to feel confused, which will result in you being further away from choosing a dress.

Instead of bringing your entire bridal party to each and every single one of your shopping experiences, invite them along to your final fitting instead. This way you’ll have chosen your dream dress, without having to deal with the drama of too many inputs. Go wedding dress shopping with one or two people who you really trust, be it your mum, sister or maid of honour, and the experience will be stress-free – the way it should be!

2. Wear the Right Underwear

Of course you’re going to be psyched to go and try an abundance of gorgeous designer dresses, but they won’t look and feel amazing if you’re wearing the wrong underwear.

It’s important that you put on a nude set to go dress shopping and either wear a strapless bra or take one with you, even if you’re convinced you’re not going to choose strapless. Wedding dress shopping can be full of surprises and you may very well fall in love with a dress that you’d never, in a million years, thought you’d lay eyes on. Always come prepared; wear the right underwear.

3. Always Book an Appointment

It’s not a case of heading into town and walking into a bridal shop that takes your fancy. If you are able to drop in at a moment’s notice, it’s pure luck. Most bridal shops book up weeks in advance, so if there’s a particular shop that you have in mind; make an appointment to avoid disappointment.

Book a few appointments in one day; this way each style you try on will be fresh in your memory. If you stagger your appointments over weeks or months, you may have difficulty deciding which wedding gown you love the most.

4. Buy a Dress in Your Current Size

While you have every intention of losing weight for your big day, it’s best to purchase a wedding dress in your current size. Buying a dress that’s a size too small will only result in you feeling pressurised to drop a dress size. Remember, your husband-to-be loves you just the way you are, so there’s no need for you to worry about changing your figure for your big day.

However, if you do want to lose weight and tone up, have your dream dress ordered in your current size. This way, if you do shift some pounds, you can have it taken in. It’s much better to have your dress altered, than struggle to get into it because you haven’t lost as much weight as you thought you would.

5. Give Yourself Plenty of Time

Don’t be fooled by the wedding dress shopping scenes in films; it’s not always a case of seeing a dress and instantly knowing that it’s “The One”. In fact, it could take you months to find one that you fall head over heels for. Of course this is more than acceptable, providing you give yourself enough time.

Make sure time is on your side, so that you don’t feel as though you have a limited timeframe to work with. Remember, it’s never too early to start trying on wedding dresses.

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