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Take everything you thought you knew about photo booths and throw that out of the window. We are joined today by Booth Nineteen, a fresh new take on the photo booth, gone away with the tacky plastic aesthetics which kill your carefully curated wedding vibe, and say hello to the UK’s most beautiful photo booth. 

Booth Nineteen started in Bristol and has now expanded to London and Exeter. Their booths are designed based on the 1920s art deco era and are handcrafted from beautiful woods design to create an attractive focal point at your venue. Whilst they are art deco style, they would easily fit in to a country manor house just as easily as a boho farm wedding. 

You can see the 3 beautiful booth designs here. Booth Nineteen stock an array of elegant back drops and they can do bespoke designs upon request. Adding to their boutique service is the ability to create prints designs that match your wedding stationery thanks to their in house graphic designer, you can see more of that here.

After the event your images are uploaded to your own cloud gallery – here is an example of that in action.  https://boothnineteen.pixieset.com/tobaccofactory-newyearseve/. Booth Nineteen also offer a guestbook service which has proven to be really popular. The booth essentially produces duplicate prints and the event attendant then puts one copy in the book and asks the guests to leave a message. The book can be personalised to you as a couple, such a great idea! 

dSLR cameras are used and all of the attendants know how to operate the camera in manual mode, meaning that they can adjust the settings for a variety of different external influences in your venue eg chance of sunlight, flashback off allll the glitter etc. It also means the images look just as good enlarged on screen as they do in small print. Booth Nineteen invest highly in their prop selection each month making sure that the prop box is full of interesting and current items.

As well as the booth looking good, you can also request that the attendants dress a certain way for the day eg if you are having a 20s weddings they can dress accordingly. 

The events co-ordinator Susan is really helpful and ensures that all requests and questions are dealt with swiftly and can advise on all the personalisation options. 

If you love the look of Booth Nineteen then check out their website for more info.

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Booth Nineteen, but cmon…look how awesome they are?! You know they are being featured because SYGM truly believes in them.

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