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facebook-profile-picture By Phoebe

Oh an exquisite wedding on the blog this morning. It is a fantastically classic, stylish day set in a neighbours back garden. Beautiful roses in the bouquet, fantastic ties for the boys and lots of nods to British heritage.

photography | Will Patrick

Dress by Beverly Lister my shoes were £16 from Sainsbury’s.

Brides hair accessories/veil: Beverly Lister


Moss Bros hire for suits, waistcoat from Favourbrook, tie by Thomas Pink, socks by Gant

Groomsmens outfits/accessories Moss Bros hire for suits, waistcoats a mixture of Neal and Palmer hire and Moss Bros hire

Ties by Reef Knots

Kept it simple…marquee (including lining and flooring) by Moodies Marquees; table dressing by Rhubarb; flowers by Meadowfolk

Walking out of the church onto a busy Guildford High Street with all my family and friends on the steps and so many (random) people stopping in the street to watch

Guildford Holy Trinity Church, then a neighbour’s Garden

Harvey & Brockless for cheese, Conisbee & Sons for the pork pie cake

Ol Seki Hemingways, Kenya and Denis Island, Seychelles

Focus on the things  that matter – location, food/drink, music.

Where did you find your inspiration? Hours on Pinterest and other people’s weddings!

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