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Afternoon all! I don’t usually blog infographics, but this has so much great content about hiring a DJ that I thought this wasn’t one to pass up. It is a topic, as I have stated before, that I really struggled with when planning. Choosing a DJ or band, or both can be hard, then you need to decide on the music. Get it right and people will be dancing all night, get it wrong and well…argh! I know a lot of couples are happy popping on their ipod for the evening (there is nothing wrong with that!) but I know some of you want a little more for the evening event, this is where hiring a wedding DJ comes in to it.

We have images of what our wedding evening will look like (mine is the above image) surrounded by all our loved ones, tonnes of confetti and splashing gin as we go but you need to make sure you get the atmosphere right. A good DJ will do that, and worth every penny spent for those awesome memories.

main image | Lucabella

To see more from UK Mobile Disco, visit their site and have a look round what they can offer you.  This post was in collaboration with their team as I felt it was genuinely helpful to you lovely readers.

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