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Hello! I hope you enjoyed reading up on our recent trip to Le Palais Paysan here. Isn’t it beautiful – anyone considering it? Luckily for us, we teamed up with Front Row while we were out there, a luxury online platform where you can rent designer brands for a fraction of the retail price. What a great idea, if you want to wear high end pieces on your honeymoon to make you feel and look a million dollars – literally!

Front Row’s founder Shika Bodani knew that all women faced the ‘will I ever wear this again?’ dilemma when considering a hefty designer purchase so she created Front Row to solve the problem. From pretty day wear to classy evening dresses, throw in a handbag and some accessories and Front Row have got you covered head to toe!

We jumped at the chance to sample some of their pieces on our mini getaway to Morocco. We took a fabulous royal blue J-Crew maxi dress along with the handbag of dreams; a Dolce & Gabbana Majolica Box Bag. The two go together so perfectly, the dress is light and airy with stunning back detail, you could wear it during the day while you’re taking a beachy walk or dress it up with a pair of heels for an evening meal under the stars. Obviously styled with the exquisite D&G bag and you’re onto a winner. All heads will be turning and I’m sure you’ll be bored of answering the ‘where did you get that?!’ question from the jealous female wedding guests! There is plenty of space to fit all your essentials, so no need to panic about what you have to leave behind in order to close your bag.

I felt so stylish wearing the dress in Morocco, and I love the fact that I didn’t have to worry about getting it cleaned afterwards because they deal with all the dry cleaning from their end. I got so many compliments about the handbag and it really was the perfect addition to the outfit.

Front Row feature hundreds of designers including Gucci, Chanel and Fendi to name but a few. They even have a voting system on their site, which is where you can request for them to buy in specific pieces that you like. If the piece receives enough votes they will add it to their collection so you can rent it! If you don’t have the budget to spend £££ on a Yves Saint Laurent bag then head on over to Front Row where they can rent it to you for a sliver of the normal asking price.

So, whether you’re heading abroad for a friend’s wedding or you want to look glamourous on your honeymoon, travel in style with Front Row – such a great idea and I know where I’ll be heading to get my outfits for those summer weddings!



{This post is sponsored by Front Row but of course we would never promote brands we didn’t truly love}

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