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Good morning and happy hump day! We have a stunning wedding on the blog today, I love that Esme couldn’t choose one favourite part of the day so left a bullet pointed list. My kind of bride. Esme also chose my favourite bridal shoes, exceptionally jealous. I love that Esme’s dress could turn in to 3 different looks, saves buying a change in outfit. The whole day is filled with so many happy faces and beautiful flowers, Esme has given some excellent advice at the end of the article.

photography | Victoria Somerset-How

Lilian West (dress) from O’Brien’s Bridal in Wicklow, Ireland and Badgley Mischka (shoes) from Les Trois Soeurs (London)

Bride’s hair accessories/veil: Bridal clip from Girls Love Pearls (online). Veil from O’Brien’s Bridal Couture in Wicklow, Ireland.

Brecks House, Bayfield Estate near Holt/Blakeney in Norfolk

Michelle Boon – Swaffham Florists, Norfolk

Hair by Lauren from Jo Jordan Hairdressing in Holt. Make up by Paul Herrington, London.

Bridesmaids – ASOS

here were so many! It was such a lovely day. The following stand out:

– Thenightbeforetheweddingwewenttothelocalpubanditwasso exciting to see our friends and family take over the local area.

  • –  Being woken up by my baby nieces and sisters who joined me in bed on the morning of the wedding.
  • –  Getting ready with my 6 bridesmaids,the flowergirls and my family.
  • –  Seeing my husband waiting for me at the altar.
  • –  Having our pictures taken by Victoria as thunder approached in the background (thankfully it never arrived!)
  • –  Walking into the marquee for the party was pretty exciting!
  • –  We had brilliant speeches. We have them all filmed to look back on.
  • –  The way my dress could be converted so I had three different looks!
  • –  Dancing all night!
  • –  My husband picking me up at 1am and carrying me back to our room as our exit from the wedding!
  • –  The barbeque the following day.
  • You will spend more money than you thought so be careful!
  • I would really recommend a videographer as well as a photographer if you can push the budget a bit further. They are expensive but it’s so nice to have everything on film. Our videographers were brilliant and we didn’t even notice them on the day.
  • Make sure you can find a venue with flexibility if you are not looking for a package deal. We were really happy we were able to choose everything that went into our day.
  • Be open minded with your wedding dress. Bear in mind you don’t have to spend thousands.
  • Think about bridesmaids dresses a good 9 months in advance. They take as long as wedding dresses to order and if you have lots of bridesmaids like I did, it can be difficult to find something everyone likes.
  • If your eye sight is slightly dodgy like mine but you don’t wear contact lenses, get some before the big day so you can see everything clearly. I regret not doing that!
  • I have quite a stressful job. If you can, try to take as much time off before the wedding as possible so that you can enjoy the run up. I wish I had been able to do that but it’s obviously tricky.
  • Take it all in! It is just the best day and it will be over before you know it!

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