The juggling act

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This post is in appreciation of all the women who carry on with their full time jobs, being mums, having a social life, getting fit and still manage to plan a wedding. It really is a juggling act when it comes to wedding planning, as life doesn’t stop to give you a break to plan and organise the biggest day of your life, so it really can be difficult to take the time to give planning a wedding the attention it deserves.

I like to live a fast paced life, so I’m used to working hard and still finding the time to see friends and family, go to the gym, be a good friend, daughter, sister and fiance, and renovate a house all at the same time. But maybe that’s exactly the problem… I’d already packed my life to the rafters, and fitting in wedding planning just tips that balance over the edge. Now something’s gotta give and I don’t know what!

We got engaged on New Years Eve, and so I had a few days before going back to work that I could get my brain thinking about weddings. I think for Paddy, it was a bit too early, but if I hadn’t have looked at venues during that time and organised viewings, I honestly don’t know if we’d have anything booked yet! After settling down into normal working life I started focussing back on work and my other commitments, and wedding planning just never takes priority. The reality is starting to set in that we only have ten months to go, and still a lot to do.

I’m pleased to say we have some of the big things sorted, such as the venue, photographer, florist and my dress. But still to sort (and I’m sure I will be missing things from this list) include: catering, entertainment, groom and groomsmen’s attire, bridesmaids attire, hair and makeup, accommodation, honeymoon, cake, invitations, favours… OK this is getting scary now as I’m writing this down for the first time.

I like to be organised, so I think I’m going to have to really start applying myself to wedding planning as a project, making sure I have plenty of lists, set timescales, and give myself allocated time in a week to think nothing but weddings. It IS fun planning a wedding but I think many people forget that life can often get in the way.

So for now, this is just a status of me checking in, saying it’s getting there, but slowly. We’re currently finishing renovating our second house ready to sell (so we can get the money to spend on the wedding) and I’m OK with that being our priority right now. I know it will come together, but just a shout out to those who make it look easy.

How is your wedding planning going? Please leave a comment below and let me know I’m not the only one feeling like I do!


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