I love Callum like Bruce loves Chocolate Cake!


Now I know that I have already filled you in on most of the food and drink details however I skipped one key part. Possibly the most important meal of the day. The thing Kate Spade encourages us all to eat for breakfast… CAKE (or dessert!)


Standard birthday cake of choice..


I have the biggest sweet tooth (which is partly why I am getting braces straight after the wedding!) I literally love dessert and have been known to polish off a whole Raspberry Pavlova in one sitting on more than one occasion.. It doesn’t help that my Mum and Gran, as well as Callum’s Mum all make great cakes!


Dessert table goals!


So when it came to dessert, Callum and I had a hard time picking just one. This is how we came up with the idea of having a dessert table! Inspired by the family parties we used to have at the local premium bonds (I come from a huge Irish family with lots of brothers and sisters!) where there were about 3 large tables full of dessert. Heaven! We mentioned the idea and started receiving loads of offers from our nearest and dearest to bake their specialties. I figured it was a great opportunity to get all their secret family recipes too. So we have the following lovely people who have offered to bake for us;

Nan (Jenny)
Grandma (Anne)
Auntie Nicky


Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of my ACTUAL princess cakes but they were a little something like this.


Then we also have THE cake (the actual wedding cake) which is being made for us by Annie! Now as a little child, my granny would make me the same cake every year. A pink princess castle with ice cream cone turrets covered in rainbow sprinkles. Best cake ever! Unfortunately I didn’t think that was appropriate for my wedding cake so I went for the next best thing.. Pink ombré! I tried my hardest to convince Annie to do a 5 tier cake with each tier a 5 shades of pink ombré but she was having none of it! In the end we compromised with a huge bottom layer of Chocolate Guinness cake, then a Lemon Drizzle tier, followed by one vanilla ombré tier and finally topped with a traditional fruitcake (that was non negotiable apparently.) Decoration will be simple with blush roses and pearls- I always wear pearls so love this idea.


Our wedding cake!


There is also one final bit of baking to be done the week before the wedding… our favours! We toyed with a few different ideas for favours such as homemade elderflower cordial, homemade rhubarb gin, charity donations and even packets of herb seeds or flower bulbs. We eventually decided that the best option was something edible (or else they would probably just get left behind!) again I referred to my wedding planning bibles (Instagram and Pinterest) for inspiration where I came across some heart shaped cookies personalised with the bride and groom names and the date! So cute! So that will be Callum’s job the week before the wedding as I have exhausted my holiday allowance on our honeymoon. He will bake all the shortbread, add the icing and personalisation then package them all up beautifully.. we shall see how they turn out on the day!


Favour inspiration.


This weekend I am actually up in Norfolk trying to help finish some last bits of DIY for the wedding. We jam packed the car full to the brim with all our wedding related paraphernalia including a wicker suitcase, blackboard, 12 photo frames and 2 bird cages… Don’t ask! The jobs on our hit list are as follows;

  • Print off the orders of service
  • Create the table numbers
  • Paint all of our blackboard signs
  • Write all the blackboard signs
  • Fill all 155 miniature bags of confetti
  • Finish the 100m bunting we are sewing
  • Write 115 place names
  • Create the table plan display
  • Hang fairy lights up in the orchard
  • Finalising flowers


Emma Bridgewater Bunting.


Homemade signs!


Having a wedding at home or in a marquee is a lot more work than I originally anticipated. I definitely urge everyone who is considering it, to properly look into all the details and costs involved before making a final decision. I know that on the day it will be perfect and feel extremely personal for all our guests. However, I never anticipated that I would be finding out how many plug sockets or what size generator we would need. I also didn’t think I would spend my weekends cutting and sticking 115 teeny pieces of paper on a map of the front garden trying to see if and how we fit everyone in for the ceremony! Annie and Ash have been going to the auction on a weekly basis scouring the lots for ladders, watering cans and all sorts of other treasures. They have been gardening like crazy people to ensure there is grass and lots of lovely flowers and have even been laying wooden decking so that I do not get green heels!


Measuring up for seating..



Arts and crafts!


You need a lot of help when hosting a wedding how we have and I am so grateful for everything that all of our friends and family have already done. There are however a lot of things that we still need to do (such as clearing up the morning after..) Luckily we have lots of volunteers that have offered to help us out! Without you all, we could never even dream of pulling this off.


Child of Prague


Only 14 days until #beansorgravy Wedding! Unfortunately we have had a day full of rain but we have gotten our Child of Prague out to tempt good weather for our day… Give it a Google!

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