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I want this photo on my wedding morning.


I have to admit, I was a little slack on the hair and make up front which meant that stress levels inevitably went through the roof..
To cut a very long, very stressful story short, I had graciously accepted a couple of suggestions for hair and make up artists from various people. Unfortunately, both the hair and make up options I had been set on, for well over 12 months, fell through simultaneously. Then panic ensued and it was all hands on deck to find replacements!

Not living locally to where we are getting married really affected us in this instance. You usually have a hairdresser that you always use (mine is still in Lancashire because she is AMAZING! I trust her completely and travel the few hours journey each time I need a chop or colour because it’s worth it!

Anyway I digress, but the point I am getting at is that I had no knowledge of anyone in the vicinity. I reached out to Harriet and Lara at House of Snow for help and also to my fellow SYGM Brides including of course, resident make up guru Emily! Due to the fact that I had left it so late and the fact that she is booked up over a year in advance, Emily was unavailable (much to my disappointment.) I did however get a few recommendations from all the girls I asked which lead me to the lovely ladies that I eventually managed to secure!


My trial

Amanda Steed (Instagram: Amanda_Steed_makeup) was a name that was mentioned to me on more than one occasion and it just so happened that she was available on the date I needed.. All I can say is thank goodness we are getting married on a Sunday! Last bank holiday Monday, we popped over to her studio for my make up trial and mini pamper session. I absolutely loved all the Tropics products that she used, they smelled incredible and were all natural. Prior to my trial, I had done the usual Instagram and Pinterest scour for inspiration which we discussed before getting down to it!


The gold and brown smokey eye I was looking for.


I went for a full coverage foundation, concealer for my unfortunate dark circles and a hint of contouring! We also added a hint of pink blush to lift everything. I knew that I definitely wanted a matte look as opposed to that glowing and dewy look a lot of Brides go for. I opted for a smokey eye using warm brown and gold tones to accentuate my blue eyes. We kept the look classic with a slick liquid liner and Amanda applied a couple of individual lashes which I LOVED! The finishing touch is going to be a dusty rose lipstick which I actually set out to find this morning! After a few hours browsing in MAC, it turns out that my Maids of Honour know me better than I know myself… They purchased the most perfect shade for my complexion ‘Brave’ for my hen weekend!



Thanks to my Mum, Chanel is an absolute favourite when it comes to lipstick. Years ago she gave me a shade called Imperial Rose, which I swear looks like it was made for me (even if I do say so myself!) It pains me to say that this particular shade has long been discontinued and I have used my last drop or else I would 100% have worn it on my wedding day. It is a gorgeously rich dark raspberry with a touch of plum which happens to be super on trend at the moment.. so I live in hope that Chanel will bring it back!


Another of Laura’s gorgeous Brides.


In terms of my hair, I am thrilled to have found Laura Hibbert (Instagram: Laura_Hair_Norwich) to do both mine and my bridesmaids on the day. I had a look at her Instagram page after she was recommended and instantly fell in love. She had loads of pictures of up dos which were exactly what I was looking for! I figured that it’s one of the few times you are able to wear your hair in such a sophisticated way. Plus if it’s up, then you don’t have to fuss in photos and you can dance about like crazy because it’s stuck in place with zillions of Kirby grips!


Laura’s Salon!


I had my hair trial straight after my make up one which I would definitely encourage you to do if possible! It’s great to see the final look all together. We spent a couple of hours trying a few different up dos and settled on something very classic, elegant and low on the neck. I asked Laura to add some height at the crown and make sure it was softer around my face. It looked stunning! However, having spent all day with my hair up, I started to feel very self conscious. I know it sounds ridiculous but everyone would literally be staring at my face the whole time. I also have really long hair (it’s very almost at my waist! I can even sit on it if I tip my head back!) and I think it’s kind of my safety net. It makes me feel confident and I am now worrying about not having it down incase I don’t look like me. Anyone else having this dilemma currently?? I would imagine it’s quite a common problem so any advice would be greatly appreciated!!


My hair trial.


As Callum and I are technically getting married on the Saturday, I have just booked into the salon in the village for a blow dry and plan on doing my own make up (Potentially a massive error!??? We shall soon find out..)

It’s only 21 days until #beansorgravy wedding! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! 3 weeks today!

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