The biggest Distraction of all..


So we have a marquee, people, food and drink, photographer, flowers.. what else do we need??? ENTERTAINMENT! Aside from the obvious and very key nuptials of course..

I actually found our band before anything else! Before the marquee or setting the date, literally before everything! Gabriella and I went to the National Wedding Show in Birmingham thanks to some complimentary tickets we were gifted by friends. I am not going to lie, wedding fairs are always super stressful, busy and HOT. They aren’t the greatest experience if you were hoping for some serene wedding planning and organisation.. However, whilst battling through the crowds (probably to the fizz bar) we suddenly heard a very lively rendition of ‘Happy’. Turning a corner, The Distractions Band were performing a set and had everyone dancing along (on a Sunday morning..) I instantly fell in love! They went on to play a couple more songs and I knew that I had to get their details to show Callum. I popped my address into an iPad and off I went to enjoy the rest of the show (apparently I wasn’t in the mood for talking.)


A couple of days later, I got home from work to see Callum waving a CD in my face. ‘Who are these guys!?’ He asked. Upon closer inspection of the CD (I’m a bit blind without my glasses) I realised it was The Distractions Band! Within the space of a few days they had sent over a CD, handwritten note personally addressed to me and some chocolates. I could not believe the speed, efficiency and personal touch! If I wasn’t already completely sold by their talent (which I was) then this was the icing on the cake. I got a special offer due visiting them at the show meaning we could pick 2 singers to have all day! After spending the whole evening trawling through their YouTube channel and having their CD on repeat, Callum and I decided upon Dwayne and Amy. Dwayne was the guy singing happy and is super cool, lively and guaranteed to get everyone on the dance floor. He is partial to a little R&B throwback/mashup as I am AND best of all… he has LOVE SHACK on his playlist. One of my favourite songs of all time! Callum has banned it but who genuinely says no to their wife on their wedding day??? Happy Wife happy life darling! Anyways, Amy is more relaxed and smooth (like a female Michael Bublé) so we wanted her for the day and cocktail hour.


Having booked these guys over 18 months ago now, a lot has happened since then.. Dwayne was actually on The Voice! I was so shocked when he popped up on the telly and immediately started panicking that he wouldn’t be playing our wedding if he won (which I was convinced he would as he is incredible!) Lucky for us, Dwayne is still doing our Wedding and I can’t wait for you all to hear him, Amy and the rest of The Distractions Band!



See you all on the dance floor in 28 days!

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P.S. As you are reading this I will be away in an undisclosed location on my Hen Weekend! I’m sure there will be lots of photographic evidence popping up on Instagram; hmhickey.

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