A picture is worth a thousand words. So you need to get it right!

Guy Hearn


Picking a photographer is one of the more stressful decisions you have to make in terms of vendors. I think it’s really difficult to find someone who has a style that you like and that you can trust implicitly. I mean you have literally just met them and you are giving them one of the most important jobs within your wedding. I would say they are second only to the bride/groom or registrar/vicar (basically those doing the marrying and those getting married!) It is a huge responsibility for the photographer as they have to get the shots you want, plus those that perfectly capture your big day and they only have one chance! If they miss that special moment then it’s gone forever. How horrendous and stressful a job does that sound!? I definitely could not do it, that’s for sure.

Guy Hearn


So, we were incredibly lucky that a little after getting engaged, we went down to Eweleaze which is a campsite in Dorset. Callum’s family used to camp their for literally the whole of August (NO exaggeration. 4 weeks of camping!) I popped down for the odd weekend and LOVED how tranquil and family orientated it was (the bathroom situation.. not so much!) Anyways, I digress.. family orientated campsite means that you are bound to make friends with other families and of course we did just that!


Guy Hearn


Ali and Guy were introduced to us literally before I had set both feet out of our car.. ‘He’s a photographer don’t you know!’ said Annie, wedding vendor matchmaker extraordinaire! Having got the NOT so subtle suggestion out of the way early, we spent the weekend getting to know Guy, Ali and their three beautiful children! Both families became great friends, though I’m sure that despite the initial suggestion, Guy never really expected to hear from us again. When we arrived home I had a look at Guy’s website at all of his previous work and instantly fell in love. His work is absolutely beautiful, a bizarre thing to say from someone who isn’t really ‘into’ photography, but some of the photos literally took my breath away.


The photo…


Now I know this is going to sound a little corny but there was this one photo that I couldn’t take my eyes of… it genuinely made me really emotional. I showed it to Callum and said that this one picture alone makes me want to have Guy as our photographer. The fact that we love him and Ali and get on with them is a huge bonus. BUT I want to have photos of us looking like this on our wedding day. We immediately emailed Guy to make sure we secured him and are so grateful that he accepted! I know that he turned other (far more exotic) weddings down that weekend so we are chuffed that both he and Ali will be with us at Peppers.


Guy Hearn


I know that we booked Guy based on a drunken conversation and a quick flick through his portfolio however he has a lot of experience- We will be wedding number 505!

He was rated in The Best 3 Wedding Photographers In London by the Evening Standard. He has also been Photographic Judge at The Wedding Industry Awards – 2012 – 2016. And finally he is also the Recommended Wedding Photographer at all of these beautiful venues!

Hedsor House
Kings Chapel Amersham
Stowe House
Blenheim Palace
Stoke Park Club
Hampden House
Loseley Park
Kirtlington Hall
The Lansdowne Mayfair
Swinfen Hall


The money shot!


Obviously you will all be able to see his photographs of our wedding on the blog later on this summer! However if you are currently looking for a photographer and can’t wait until then, you can look at his work at www.guyhearn.com. He also has Instagram; guyhearnphotography.

We had a Skype call with Guy last week to go through all of our timings for the day, what particular shots we really wanted etc etc. It was so lovely speaking to him again, almost a year after we initially booked him! He got Callum and I so excited and we literally cannot wait for May 28th (and 27th) to come around. I know I keep saying that but it’s getting really close now, things are finally starting to come together and we are in the final weeks of planning!

Only 35 days until #beansorgravy wedding!


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