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The photo above shows the dreamy Baros Maldives where we spent the second part of last week. It’s a photo I can’t stop looking at, a heart shaped tropical island with the most incredible sea surrounding it. Having been voted the world’s most romantic resort, honeymooning there is pretty special. I actually spent my own honeymoon there back in 2014 {before I started working for SYGM} so I knew that you guys would love it. I was so excited to return, it had been such an incredible place but I also hoped it would be as good as we remembered. Would we potentially ruin our fond honeymoon memories? But I shouldn’t have worried, both trips will always be remembered and I think this time it was even better than the first.

Arriving into Male feels like you’re in Venice with all the boats lined up. The Maldives is a country made up of lots of tiny islands and the airport is one of them meaning that you can only leave by sea plane or boat. Luckily Baros is just a twenty minute journey by speed boat, an enviable position compared to most islands – you’re not wasting any time waiting for flights or on another long journey after your flight into Male. You’ll be greeted with cold towels and water ready for the journey across the water on a luxury boat. Your holiday can begin!

Baros is famed for its Lighthouse restaurant with the white tented roof. Sailing into the island you can spot it before you arrive. As you get closer the colour of the water changes and you’ll see the palm fringed island waiting for you with smiling staff.

When you step off the boat to this jetty, you just know that you’re in for a heavenly stay. All the travel stress melts away and you just want to jump in that water!

Check in will be fast. One of the many great things about Baros in The Maldives is the level of service. Absolutely everything is planned to make your stay the best it can be. The staff are all incredible and only ever want you to be happy. You’ll be greeted with champagne and fresh passion fruit juice before being taken to your room by your villa host.

Baros is the kind of place that never stops blowing you away. Around every corner there’s something you’ll want to capture. Within minutes of us arriving on the walk to our villa we spotted a shark swimming beneath the jetty with a trail of fish behind, the water crystal clear. Within minutes of going snorkelling we saw a turtle. As you get older, the magic of life sometimes trails away, there’s as not much to really amaze you after a while. Here though you can guarantee that you’ll find it again and be wowed the whole time.

There are thirty two water villas, half have pools and half don’t. On our first visit we stayed in a regular water villa without a pool, and at that time Baros didn’t have a main pool either. It didn’t matter in the slightest though as here the sea is like a giant swimming pool and there’s nothing in the water that can hurt you. It feels like a bath, never dropping below about 27 degrees! However, this time around whilst it was nice to have a pool for a dip on our deck and see the sun set on it at night I feel like it’s one of the only places in the world that I do spend most of my time in the sea. So what I’m trying to say is, don’t feel you have to splurge on your own private pool.

All of the villas at Baros, overwater or not, have been designed to maximise privacy. They’re super luxurious too with big day beds to lounge on, hidden TVs that pop up at the end of the ottoman to watch from bed and his n’ hers sinks in the bathroom. You’ll be left fruit and cookies in your room every day and nice little touches like L’Occitane lavender hand cream and Evian face spray.

A bath with a view!

We were in villa 311 which had uninterrupted sunset views and the craziest blue sea. Would you ever get bored of that view?! Fifty shades of blue.

Out in the distance is the piano dock where you can arrange for a special breakfast or dinner in the middle of the lagoon.

If you’re looking for a complete chill out, this is undoubtedly the place to be.

You can snorkel or swim right off the deck although the best fish are over at the house reef.

As the sun sets on your day in paradise, the stars in the pool start to shine.

Breakfast can be taken in your room or at Lime, the restaurant on the same deck as the new infinity pool. You can look out across the sea or across the pool, such an exclusive setting. We loved the tables by the sea to spot sharks swimming as we ate the best ever waffles and fresh fruit for breakfast.

There’s an impressive buffet with everything from a fruit chef to fresh honey from a comb, all the pastries you could ever imagine, juices, yogurts, fish curries, sushi, you name it. Then when you think you’re stuffed silly, there’s an a la carte menu where you can order eggs, pancakes or waffles.

The tropical fruit in the Maldives is some of the very best, I wish I had a personal fruit chef everyday! Breakfasts at home will never be the same again.

I think one of the main things that shines through with Baros is the grown-up exclusive vibe and the quality. Baros has one of the highest rates of returning guests across all of the Maldivian islands, people come back time and time again because there really is no place like it. I think once you experience the island, the staff, the beach, the attention to detail it’s hard to go anywhere else ever again.

The water takes some beating too.

I loved this pool. Every time you go for a swim there will be cold towels and water waiting for you. You just can’t dream this kind of service up.

We’d walk around the whole island to breakfast every morning, you can walk it in about seven minutes. Staying on such a tiny desert island feels so special, it’s pure paradise.

The dreamiest beach ever. Baros have put protective sea walls around the outside of most of the island so the area inside is always beautifully calm and like a bath. If you want to swim out further you reach the house reef with all the turtles and marine life.

There’s a mixture of sun loungers, big day beds and platforms out in the sea to sunbathe on. We alternated between all three, mixing up the view to read books, soak up the sun and stare at the sea.

We took the same photo on our honeymoon in this exact spot. Shiny rings and the clearest sea.

You can wander through the middle of the island filled with tropical palms and hibiscus where you’ll find the serene Baros Spa. We spent a heavenly afternoon here having a couples massage and afterwards practically floated back to our room, I wish you could bottle up that deep sleepy relaxed feeling after a massage.

I think there’s a reason why there’s a hammock tucked under the palms as you come out of the spa, the perfect place to lay and listen to the waves.

This is the kind of place where you can dip your toe into a whole host of activities {literally speaking for all of the water based trips – snorkel safaris, dive trips, night snorkelling or glass bottomed kayaks to name a few} or simply do nothing at all except luxuriate on your private island. The snorkelling though should not be missed. It’s like floating on top of a tropical fish tank.

The turtles are incredible, there are over 12 that live on the house reef and if you take a photo and show it to the marine centre they’ll be able to tell you which one you’ve seen. We saw Bonthi, Sparky and Parsley!

There’s a plethora of coloured fish too who’s scales catch the sunlight and dun dun dun… the occasional black tip reef shark. I completely panicked the first time I saw one swimming near us, even though I knew rationally they only eat fish and not people, because they still look like a shark. But after that I loved spotting them, how many places can you say that you’ve been swimming with sharks?

You’ll want a good underwater camera to capture it all. I used the Olympus Tough TG4 which was so much better than my old go pro.

After days spent in the sun covered in salt from the sea, it’s a nice treat to get dressed up for drinks and dinner at sunset. There are two bars to choose from, the Sails bar set on the sand under the palms and the Lighthouse {my personal favourite} up high looking out across the resort.

Everything at Baros has been designed for couples like the sunset facing couples chairs and kidney shaped sofas at the Lighthouse Bar. Children under 8 aren’t permitted and the high prices for bringing children puts a lot of people off. After spending just a night here you’ll see why it’s been voted the most romantic resort, sitting watching the sky change colour with cocktails and canapés here was a real highlight.

You’ll find three restaurants to choose from for dinner, all open air on decks above the sea. The Cayenne Grill has an open kitchen so you can watch the chefs grill fresh meat or seafood caught by local fishermen along with helping yourself to a big salad buffet to start with {there’s unlimited sushi!}, there’s also a teppanyaki grill to sit around. Lime has a more Asian influenced menu and then there’s the Lighthouse restaurant for fine dining. The Lighthouse is so popular that in high season it sometimes gets booked ahead of time!

You should try all three but I think The Lighthouse shines the brightest. For honeymooners there’s also a complimentary candlelit dinner on the beach and the option of dining out on the piano deck in the sea.

I could talk about Baros for hours and hours. It truly is a special place. If you’re looking into honeymoon options then I thought I’d just run through some other room types quickly…

All of the villas at Baros are beautiful, it really just depends on which setting you prefer. The unique romance and privacy that the over-water villas offer are hard to miss but equally you might prefer the beach at the end of your bed instead. And the non-water villas all have both indoor and outdoor bathrooms which I loved. I think it’s a great idea to do a mix of the two.

The view from the most ‘basic’ of villas. Although truly there’s nothing basic about anything on Baros.

Below is a pool beach villa with a private deck and a short walk to the beach at the end of the garden.

Complete with your own private sunbeds and a view to die for.

Oh, Baros. Somehow I can’t see this visit as being our last. You can see more in the vlog below.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nlick6LE6yc&w=560&h=315]

  • A few tips;
  • Look into the cost of meals and drinks before you go, it’s not always cheapest to book a package. For our honeymoon it worked out best for us to book a bed & breakfast rate and then pay for dinners out there rather than go for a half board package which would have worked out more expensive.
  • You’ll want flights into Male, we flew with Qatar Airways via Doha but BA offer a direct service.
  • As I previously mentioned in the Shangri La feature, drinks across the Maldives are relatively expensive but that’s part and parcel of a tropical island getaway with taxes and import duties.
  • You can visit The Maldives year round but the driest season is from December to April although prices are at a peak then too. August tends to be the worst for rain. The shoulder seasons in May-July and September-December are good options too when rates come down although expect a little more unsettled weather.
  • Packing wise you’ll want floaty dresses for the evenings and swimwear for the day. It never gets cold here!
  • Make sure you tell your travel agent or Baros direct that it’s your honeymoon and take a marriage certificate with you for an extra special trip.

You can find out more here.

R <3 xx

{I was a guest of Baros Maldives but as always we only ever promote resorts that we truly love. All opinions are my own}

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