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These flowers…


Flowers are really indicative of personal style and taste. They enable you to make a statement at your wedding whether you want to be classic, romantic, modern or wild. They’re completely individual and something I always look at when attending weddings!

Sinclair and Moore


They were also something that I felt really strongly about when planning our decor as I feel they help create a great atmosphere (and smell incredible!) However, up until about a year ago though, I knew absolutely nothing about Flowers. That all changed when I got given faux flowers as a range to buy. I know lots of you will be thinking how on earth can I compare faux to the real thing but the company I worked with was so passionate about their products and they were so true to life that a lot of their knowledge and passion rubbed off on me. I started to be able to tell my Dogwood rose from my Avalanche rose and my Hydrangeas from my Hyacinths! I used to really struggle with articulating what I wanted from our flowers and actually making decisions about each one suggested to me. I couldn’t remember which I liked and disliked, as in all honesty I couldn’t really distinguish between any. Anyone that is feeling a similar way, I would definitely suggest swatting up beforehand. Use your florist, read wedding flowers the magazine (EVERYONE suggested this one to me specifically!) Then when you have a handful of flowers you know you really like (and that are in season when you are getting married) you can start looking at styles of arrangements and colour variations!



One of the best (and also most dangerous) ways to find inspiration for wedding flowers is on Pinterest and Instagram.. I spent hours trawling through images and screen shotting them until my phone memory was bleed dry.. My favourites Instagrams to follow are Melissa Riva Flowers, Sinclair and Moore and also our very own SYGM bride Megan at Swaffham Florist. I found so many things that I loved which is why I suggest that you decide on a few specific flowers first before you get into the labyrinth of Pinterest!


Swaffham and Fakenham Florist


Now I selected our florist in a rather unconventional way.. Soon after they arrived in East Harling, Annie (Callum’s mum) stumbled upon an accident and helped perform first aid on someone. A couple of days later, Alice delivered a beautiful bouquet sent as a thank you. Now Annie being Annie, told her all about the wedding and got some contact details. Callum and I drove out to meet Alice at her Farm about a 10 minute drive from Peppers. I had about 5 moodboards in hand and no idea what to expect. You see Alice works from word of mouth, her family had a florist for about 50 years but she now works out of her home. She doesn’t do social media, websites or even email! So anytime I want to chat to her I have to pick up a phone and do it the proper way!


Such a romantic bouquet


Upon arrival, we were greeted by a muster of peacocks (Yes I just had to google that!) They were the most beautiful and there was even a pure white one!! I did debate asking to borrow them for the wedding but realised how absurd that was.. Alice immediately made Cal and I feel comfortable, she asked a lot of questions about us as a couple in order to get an idea about us and our style. I have a few definite NOs in my list including;

  • No hessian (for decor in general)
  • No carnations
  • No tall centre pieces (we want people to feel included and have a good view of everything going on!)
  • No ‘gyp’ (you risk getting a wee scented batch!)
  • No ‘country bumpkin’ feeling arrangements.


Traditional roses and eucalyptus


The last one being the most important! Callum and I are getting married in a garden but we still want it to feel like a traditional wedding. I had my heart set on a very classic and elegant style and I feel Alice totally understood this. We went through each and every aspect in turn, selecting specific flowers to be included as well as the style of that arrangement. So you have an idea of what types of pieces are involved (because there is a lot to remember!) I have listed what we have commissioned below;

  • Saturday bridal bouquet
  • Sunday bridal bouquet
  • 5x bridesmaid bouquets
  • 7x button holes for groom and groomsmen
  • 13x centre pieces
  • Top table arrangement
  • 2x tall arrangements to mark the head of the aisle (in case of rain and we have to go into the marquee!)
  • A couple of ad hoc arrangements to be dotted around
  • Decor for the marquee (I won’t go into too much detail or it will spoil the surprise!)


Ombre Centerpieces


Make sure you think about every place you want to include flowers throughout the day and make a list. I feel like it’s very easy for flower costs to spiral out of control unless you keep tabs on everything! Luckily for us, Alice has been great with suggesting budget friendly alternatives whenever needed. We also offered our bridal party up for help on the Friday as we realised that Alice is a one man band and some of the more Instagram inspired aspects will require some muscle.. Keep this in mind incase you have some extravagant elements that may mean your florist needs to hire in additional staff on the day!


If money were no object..


We finalised our choices a couple of weeks ago and I am really happy with what we have planned. Alice somehow managed to help me to refine my 5 initial (conflicting) moodboards as well as dozens of pictures on my phone into our final vision for the day. I cannot wait to see everything in a few weeks time as we have opted to not see anything before hand. We have total trust in Alice and think it will be a lovely surprise considering we are planning every single aspect of the wedding.


Bouquet Goals..


If anyone is local to Norfolk and would like to get in contact with Alice, please drop me an email at helena@soyouregettingmarried.com

#beansorgravywedding is only 42 days away!

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