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Today’s foundation review is the newest offering from Clarins – Pore Perfecting Mattifying Foundation (can we shorten the name?!) is a lightweight, matte base which claims to smooth texture, control oil and still maintain a natural radiance. I’ve been trying this out for a couple of weeks so I can tell you all about it, and what’s great is it isn’t something I’d naturally be drawn to buy for myself (matte isn’t usually my bag) – I love that blogging allows me to expand my product horizons! My skin type is typically normal – dehydrated, but I do occasionally experience shine toward the end of the day.

What are the claims?

The new lightweight foundation from Clarins optically blurs imperfections to revel a natural, flawless complexion. Part skin care and part makeup, the formula is enriched with plant extracts that promote moisturised, luminous and protected skin that is flawless and nourished all day long.”

  • Five shades
  • SPF free
  • 30ml size
  • Shine control
  • Soft focus pearls add a hint of luminosity
  • Natural matte finish
  • Smoothing formula helps to blur fine lines and enlarged pores
  • Light – medium coverage
  • Skincare benefits

Before and Afters

How did it fare?

So, Pore Perfecting Mattifying Foundation is fundamentally a mousse type formula in a tube – it is light in texture but not runny or a liquid, and it’s easy to move and silky soft to the touch. It is a light – medium coverage with a matte finish, which is buildable but definately only to a point – you won’t get a super full coverage from this, and I did find that if you over-buff it it tends to separate on the skin, so it really just needs smoothing lightly on. I don’t use fingers to apply makeup, only brushes, but I could see that this would work for this application – heaping on lots doesn’t do this foundation any favours. You can see from the above though, that it definitely smooths pores – mine look much less visible afterwards, and I didn’t use a primer.

I’ve been wearing this for a few days to see how it wears and although I’m not the biggest fan of the texture and finish (my current preference is moisturising and dewy as I feel it’s most flattering on my skin), this does stay put pretty well and does stave off oiliness for a fair few hours. I feel like the before and afters don’t do it much justice – up close it looks quite powdery but overall it looks natural and quite radiant from further away. It did slightly gather in my smile lines but beyond that stayed put even in the gym. It 100% needs setting with powder as it doesn’t set alone, but that’s why this nifty Pore Perfecting, Mattifying Kit (£28) was launched alongside this foundation – this is super cute for any oil prone gals as it’s a nifty compact with both a gorgeous pressed powder (which is truly seamless on the skin) and blotting papers which can be refilled.

The shade range is clearly pretty limited, however it does blend into skin quite nicely as it is so sheer – fairer than me and you’d struggle with 01, and as you can see below, 05 is not going to work for dark to deep skin tones. The undertones are all quite neutral, and with the limited shades I feel this is targeted almost at those who’d like a “matte tinted moisturiser” – the demographic who want quick, easy, natural looking and simple to pick out on counter. It’s also good for natural foundation lovers, as this is a light product which feels very comfortable on the skin.

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Best for – oily skin, normal – oily skin, those who like a natural matte finish

Plus points – Matte but radiant, easy to apply, controls shine, feels comfortable on skin

Minus points – limited shades, no SPF, needs setting with powder

Clarins Pore Perfecting Mattifying Foundation is available now and is £28.

Emily x

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Kyla Ewing //

Looks very nice on you! I just picked this up over the weekend and I’m excited to try it, just in time for the summer!