First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes… THE HONEYMOON! (Sorry Annie)

Initially, Callum and I were not going to take a honeymoon immediately. This was partly because we both love to ski and we had dreamed of a really luxurious ski trip to Whistler or Colorado. The other reason was that we didn’t think we could afford it. Paying for the wedding is a mammoth thing… We have been saving like crazy for almost 2 years! I have also previously spoken about how I wouldn’t want to ask for money towards a honeymoon so that option was out. However, coming up to the T- minus 3 month mark, we realised that we were actually doing really well saving and a honeymoon was well within our grasp. With all the stress of planning a wedding (and lack of a ski holiday as a result) we decided to say f**k it, let’s do it! I also worried that if we didn’t do it now, we never would. So after LOTS of back and forth, asking Rebecca and the other SYGM brides for advice, and copious amount of googling locations/weather etc etc.. We have finally decided upon our trip!



We booked through Mr and Mrs Smith- Ask for Anna, she’s incredibly knowledgable and friendly as well as super efficient and helpful! I called up to ask a question about what a hotel included/excluded as the website was a little unclear and literally ended up booking the whole trip over the phone (they have a London based number too so no sky high phone bills!) Another great thing about Mr and Mrs Smith is that you get the best price guaranteed or they match it and give you £50 (fizz fund)! You also get an ‘extra’ or perk for each hotel you book which is literally the icing on the cake. I cannot recommend Mr and Mrs Smith (and Anna) highly enough! We got advice on how much spending money to take, which hotels would suit us best, what we should do in each place and Anna even offered to organise all our hotel transfers, all we have to do is send the flight details to her! She ensured our whole itinerary was logical and flowed well to ensure we have the best possible experience and even popped a note on each booking to say we were newlyweds.. I have been assured that we will be well looked after! Stress free and the perfect service, definitely worth giving them a look.


Hong Kong


So our itinerary.. May 31st we fly out to Hong Kong courtesy of Virgin Atlantic. We are spending two nights there in the Icon which a few people recommended to us (unfortunately the Mandarin and Four Seasons were a little out of our price range Laura..) Our Smith extra is a bottle of wine with dinner which I’m sure will be welcomed after that long flight. I am beyond excited to visit Hong Kong and have heard so many great things from loads of people! Callum is definitely looking forward to the food and trying to convert me to love Chinese (I’m strictly Thai and Indian currently!) I am looking forward to exploring. I would say that I am definitely a city girl, with San Francisco and New York topping the list of my favourite places to visit. Boston is top of my to do!


Alila Ubud, Bali


We are then catching a flight to BALI! We decided to split Bali up and stay in two different places. Starting with three nights in a pool villa the Alila hotel in Ubud, our Smith extra here is a trekking experience as well as a 1 hour massage each! What a way to start Our Bali visit.. being in a pool villa means we also have a private pool for just for the two of us. I have never before had, nor do I think I will ever experience again, a private pool!

Every single person that I have spoken to about the honeymoon has said go to Ubud! I believe it features in Eat, Pray, Love (which I actually haven’t seen or read but plan to now) and it’s supposed to be an extremely spiritual place. There are coffee shops and treks, monkeys and lovely dinners. Sounds like our kind of place.. especially if we have an opportunity to do a tea or coffee tasting! We also want to climb Mount Batur whilst we are here- a volcano with natural springs that you can bathe in to sooth your muscles after the trek. This has been one of the things on my bucket list for ages. We initially wanted to climb mount Rinjani in Lombok but this is a 3 day thing with camping and is supposed to be rather strenuous. Not exactly what we had in mind for a honeymoon.. hence our decision to do Mount Batur (a one day activity) instead!


Alila Uluwatu, Bali


We will then go over to the Alila Uluwatu which is on the south west coast of Bali. This has the most beautiful infinity pool overlooked by the wedding chapel. Most. Instagrammable. Place. Ever. This area is perfect for surfing and is more laid back than Ubud. Our Smith extra in this hotel is an hour spa treatment each (such a hard life!) We are only spending 2 nights here but I think it will be 2 days well spent.


Lombok Lodge


After Bali, we will get a short flight over to Lombok. Now you can get a boat but I do not have great sea legs unfortunately. You may remember the story of Callum’s proposal, where I spent the whole day below deck being sick whilst he drank the boat dry of rum.. Anyways, the flight is about 30 minutes and then we will be whisked away by private car to Lombok Lodge. In all honesty, Callum and I found this place before we had even decided where we were going. We fell completely in love with it and then planned the honeymoon around it! Sounds a little crazy but I’m sure you will understand when you see the pictures.. completely secluded, with private beach and infinity pool. Literally feels like somewhere you can only dream of! The reviews I have read said the staff become like family, nothing is ever too much trouble and you basically want for nothing your entire stay. Breakfast is included, as well as a daily 5 course dinner (immediately sold us!) There is also an evening with acoustic music by the Lombok Lodge band, an authentic Indonesian rijsttafel experience for two, a 60 minute massage AND a 60 minute facial! They even have a private speedboat to take you from the Lodge private beach to Gili Air, for snorkelling and beach fun! How incredible does that sound? And on top of all that, the Smith extra is a candlelit dinner for 2 on the beach. I feel like I will really struggle to leave Lombok Lodge, as I am sure many others have before us.


The private speedboat..


Following our 8 nights in Lombok, we are flying back to Hong Kong for another 2 nights to try and break up the long journey home. Another Smith extra bottle of wine is thrown in so we can celebrate what I’m sure will be a wonderful honeymoon!

If any of you guys have been to any of the above places and have any tips to make our trip even better then please send them my way. There is nothing better than a personal recommendation!

The only thing that I have to worry about in terms of the Honeymoon is how on earth am I going to leave these guys for 3 whole weeks???


Teddy and Agnes


P.s. As you read this post, Callum and I will be all the way in Belfast celebrating the Flower Wedding! I am definitely not going to sleep tonight as I will be too excited to see Matt and Mairead tomorrow.. Congratulations guys, we love you both so much xx

P.p.s. only 49 days until #beansorgravy wedding!

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