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Now that the bridal party have all been introduced, I can give you an idea about what they’re going to wear on the big day!

Callum and I have a confession, we broke one of the biggest rules of wedding planning! To be honest, it kind of just happened, even though it would be my worst nightmare as a Bridesmaid. I would also wager that a few of you brides (and most of your bridesmaids) will gasp in horror when you read this..

We bought all the Bridesmaids dresses and Groomsmen’s suits without consultation or sizes and they are all non refundable!

I know this sounds like the worst idea in history, however there was good reason for it so hear me out. In terms of Bridesmaids, all the girls are tall, short, slim, curvy, big boobies, little boobies and each had a wishlist of dress do’s and dont’s. Not anything OTT, just the usual; has to have straps, has to be strapless, long dress, short dress, this colour doesn’t suit me and so on and so forth. The only problem with these preferences was that they were polar opposite to someone else’s! I was literally dreading bridesmaid dress shopping and remembered back to when mum took the three of us sisters to choose our dresses for her wedding… Complete nightmare and we all had the same wish list! (And were in the same country which was a bonus!)



So as I mentioned previously, we have two bridesmaids in Lytham, one in Birmingham, one in America and one travelling all over the world for work.. How on earth was I meant to get them all together for a shopping trip? Inevitably, someone was going to be left out despite my best efforts and I didn’t want anyone to feel forced into wearing something they weren’t comfortable in.

I was constantly thinking about what solution I could come up with and suddenly thought about Two Birds bridesmaid dresses. These dresses are incredible! I have to admit that initially I wasn’t a fan, I had seen them in other weddings and thought they were a bit obvious (despite their £250 price tag!) However, the great thing about these dresses is that they come in only 2 sizes due to the type of fabric used. The fabric is silky, stretchy but weighty so they look and feel gorgeously luxurious! They are also convertible so that each of your ladies can wear her dress in a way that she loves. Those that want strapless, easy. Those that want more coverage, not a problem. I like that fact that each of my bridesmaids will have their own style on the day which will make it more personal!



So now I found the dresses that would be perfect, I had to work out how we could buy them as they were substantially over what I had budgeted per dress. All in the total cost would be close to £1500 as the 5x dresses would be £250 each and the bandeau’s are £25. I love you girlies, but not that much! Being a lover of bargains, I decided I wanted these dresses but was going to pay a fraction of the cost. First port of call.. eBay! Miraculously, I found 5x blush two birds dresses and bandeaus listed the very first time I looked (fate or testament to their popularity and my obvious colour theme, I’ll let you decide..) AND they were £500! I snapped them up immediately, making them the very first purchase we made for the wedding (aside from the engagement ring ofcourse!) I was over the moon and plan to pop them on eBay after the wedding so someone else can enjoy them as well as recoup some of the money.

Now that the girls were sorted, we focused our attention on the boys!



Back in April last year, Callum and I went to travel the West Coast with two friends of ours, groomsman Dave and his girlfriend Francis. Whilst we were in Vegas, we went to the outlets (obviously!) and I dragged Callum into J.Crew because I love their stuff. Whilst in there, Callum discovered their suits.. 10 minutes later, we had tried one on, used the wifi to whatsapp the groomsmen to demand their suit sizes immediately (bearing in mind it was the middle of the night UK time..) and encourages them to over estimate slightly as it’s easier to take the suits in than let them out! We managed to get most of the sizes in store (goodness knows how) and we ordered the missing couple of bits to be sent from another state directly to our hotel room later on in the trip. J. Crew were absolutely incredible, their customer service was second to none and their pricing was amazing! The suits we selected were single breasted in a dark navy wool. The fabric was to die for and we found that in the UK, these retail for £500 each! We managed to get them at outlet prices, with an additional 50% off as the store was running a promotion and then we got another 20% off as I opened a card with them. All in all the suits cost us no where near their retail value although I can’t remember the exact figure. We also went halves or asked for a contribution from all the groomsmen as they are all keeping their suits (they’re gorgeous! And the guys will have use for a suit more so than the girls will for their bridesmaid dresses.)



The only things we have left to find now are shirts and ties/bow ties… This is a sore subject with the boys wanting pink ties and me wanting black bow ties. All I have to say on this matter is; I studied fashion design and in my opinion, black and blue go! I have been looking at Twobirds men’s accessories which they can match to the dresses exactly, as well as Swagger and Swoon who have been impeccable in terms of customer service so far! I would definitely recommend them. They even sent me a kit Kat in the post encouraging me to ‘take a break’ because all this wedding planning is stressful! Cute touch!

We finally got all the guys to try their suits on a couple of weeks ago when we hosted a dinner for them all and save for a couple of tweaks, they fit really well! I guess our gamble in Vegas paid off.. let’s hope our luck continues when the bridesmaids try their dresses on!



This weekend we are at Peppers doing more wedding planning including the flowers!!!

Only 56 days until #beansorgravy wedding!


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