After the Christmas and Valentines proposals the wedding industry hits big with wedding show’s/ fairs. Have you been to any? How did you find them? useful? I personally think a wedding show can be a great starting point for newly engaged couples, it will give you a great insight to all things weddings. It will make you think of things you didn’t even know you needed to organise or book and most importantly it will give you the opportunity to engage with potential wedding suppliers. You don’t have to go to every show you see advertised, pick a couple that suit you. I would pick two, a large one it could be a national one, these are great for inspirations, and nowadays most great wedding suppliers are willing to travel. Then pick a local one, one that will have a good amount of suppliers, and suppliers you know you want to see and possibly book. As a florist a wedding show / fair gives us the opportunity to showcase our work, couples can visual see, touch and smell the floral arrangements, we believe this is our best way of advertising to potential customers.

Being in the wedding industry I have been to many Wedding shows / Fair’s, we have exhibited at many local ones and visited many national ones for inspiration. There is one show that sticks out to me the most, and I’m regretting not sharing this blog sooner. Did any of you visit the London A Most Curious Wedding Fair a couple of weeks ago? For those who have never heard of AMCWF I’m going to use the text from their website to explain what it is all about as simply I cannot put it any better;

“Most Curious, is THE wedding show for the style savvy couple.

We pride ourselves on being the first of its kind to strip back the labels – vintage, alternative, designer, luxury – let’s just keep it simple, stylish, free spirited and NOW.

Most Curious carefully handpicks its merry gang of exhibitors who range from the very coolest of the established brands to up and coming makers working from their bedrooms, kitchens, studios and raw imaginations.

We’ve taken a solemn vow to bring brides and grooms the very latest fashions, designs, exciting and directional products and services, with the foresight to be changeable, en vogue and never tired or standing still. If it’s beautiful, fresh, fun and on the cusp of cool we want to bring it to our creativity-hungry most curious couples.”

I was gutted with work I could not visit the London Show, I was following it endlessly on social media, there was so many cool suppliers there, at AMCWF suppliers make such an effort with their stands. I have to share some with you, and the cat walk it was ridiculously cool!

Flowers : Frog

Neon Signs: The Curious Collection Ltd

Cake: Blossom and Crumb

Embroidery Jacket: Daisy Sheldon Embroidery

Dress: Lorie X

Photo Booth: The PhotoBooth Guys

Norfolk is extremely lucky to also hold AMCWF which is on Sunday 9th April at St Andrews Hall Norwich, and it’s going to be epic! Get down there and come have a look! Buy your tickets online now! What I love about AMCWF is that as suppliers we get the opportunity to have collaboration stands with other suppliers, using each other’s creativity to bring together new and fresh ideas. You can create something out there, maybe a little whack, over the top, but ultra-cool and different.  Last year and again this year we are doing a collab stand with the penny the style queen and greatest of friends from The little Lending Company, who is actually working with AMCWF to organise the Norwich fair. Ok so The little lending company is a MUST follow on instagram, “@thelittlelendingco” for cool, trendy, I WANT / NEED wedding prop’s. Penny is helping me with the styling of our wedding and letting us use so many of her eclectic props, I can’t wait for her to rock up in her van full of things and add her touch to our wedding. The best thing about Penny is you know you can fully trust her vision, and if she thinks something isn’t right she will tell you and change it to look the greatest. Take a look at our stand last year we went for a Mexican Fiesta!

So have I got you excited to come along to AMCWF, well I have a pair of free tickets to give away, all you have to do is find me on Insta @megan_boon follow @mostcuriouswedfair look out for my Insta tonight with AMCWF photo below, then comment with you would bring along if you won! The winner will be picked randomly and announced on Friday!

So next week I shall hopefully be moving in to out new house….I so can’t wait, not just because it amazing but for me and Tone be living as a couple again….living back with parents is just not the same! Two weeks on Friday till the #MEGAHen in Ireland I’m seriously excited, then four weeks Sunday till my big Hen Do party, which means 7 weeks on Saturday will our wedding…..How is that possible where has the time gone!!

Megan xx


Days to go: 52 days



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