The male equivalent of a Bride tribe..

Emmerson, Matt, Callum, Elliot, Shaun, Dave, Simon and Rob.


Now you have met my ‘Bride Tribe’, you have to meet all of Callum’s Groomsmen!!! Luckily, I count this bunch of guys as not only Callum’s best friends but also my own. I love spending time with each and every one of them and am thrilled that they have agreed to be part of out day.

So here goes…

Ryder- Best Man


True Love.


Callum’s best friend at Uni, they lived together in our final year. When I had a nightmare final couple of months in my uni house, they also let me move in with them! There wasn’t an evening where I went to bed without shouting ‘Night, Knight Rider’ down the hall to him! We also all played hockey together throughout our time in Lincoln. Ryder always reminded me of a Transformer in his goalie kit because he is SO TALL! The fact that he did a fair bit of kicking too made him look like he was a ninja transformer. Most memorable moment? When he wouldn’t go to bed after a night out, so I leaned over the bannister shouting his name until he poked his head round the corner. Then I threw my bra at his head (figured that wouldn’t hurt if it actually hit him!) Hopefully won’t be doing that on my wedding day..


I didn’t force his smile honest!


Emmerson- Master of Ceremonies.

Handsome Wood boys..


Callum’s younger brother, also the middle child with the best genes (yes Cal and I are both the eldest of 3!) Complete Ladies Man- Just making sure all the women have prior warning to avoid you at the wedding Em.. As we are getting married in a registry office on the Saturday, Emmerson will be leading the Sunday ceremony which I am really looking forward to! He is a captain in the Queen’s Royal Hussars (basically he gets to drive tanks and go skiing) and will be in his uniform when blessing our marriage. I cannot wait to hear what he will say on the day as I know he has been planning it for absolutely ages!!


One of my fave photos of these two!


Matt- Groomsman


Matt and Mairead.


I met Matt when I moved down to Tunbridge Wells after university. Both he and Callum played Hockey on a Saturday and had girlfriends that had moved to Kent to be with them (and for our jobs in London!) So the boys decided to matchmake Mairead and I so we knew someone else in the area and the rest is history! The four of us got engaged a couple of weeks apart, have near identical engagement rings (unplanned) and are getting married within a month of each other! We love a drink and trying out new restaurants together (like Padella who have a goats cheese and butter pasta to die for.) Basically all the things that make great foundations for a long friendship!


They’re great fun really…


Dave- Groomsman


Life is like a box of chocolates..


Dave, or Backxy as we call him went to school and played hockey with Callum. I met him when he came to visit us at uni many years ago and we realised that we actually have a lot of friends in common from Lytham. Funny how people’s lives intertwine!!! Dave introduced me to two of my favourite things; Gin and Articulate. He threw a great party where these were the main ingredients, this is when he also introduced us to his girlfriend Francis for the first time (but the less that is said about that the better right guys..)



Elliot- Groomsman


Uncle Elliot with a baby Teddy


Better known as Hard On (his last name is Hard that’s all!) Another ULHC member, Elliot and Callum were both President of the Hockey club in our final year at Lincoln. They were the perfect double act but how could they not be? El is possibly THE most likeable guy! Our end of season dinner was organised by the pair of them and it was absolutely incredible. The thought that went into every last detail made it really special and this makes me so happy (and relaxed) knowing that El will be on hand for my special day! Even if he doesn’t like my taste in fashion.. blue and black DO go and bow ties look slick. The End!


True bromance!


Jo- Groomsman



Jo is yet another ULHC alum however he was the year above the rest of us (don’t worry Ryder, I won’t mention you!) Jo also happened to be the President (alongside our other friend Abi) that preceded Callum and El. Quick witted and very dry, most of the time I can’t tell when he is joking and being serious which the boys take great delight in obviously. Currently living in New Zealand with his girlfriend, Jo will be flying home especially for the wedding which I know means the world to Callum!! Hopefully the suit fits you Jo because there was rather a lot of guesswork involved..



This weekend we are doing some serious wedding planning, including THE HONEYMOON! I finally got my 3 week holiday approved at work so we can get organising everything which is very exciting!!!

63 days until #beansorgravy wedding!!!! That is TWO months away! It’s getting so close now..

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