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Good morning! Time for some skincare newness from Clarins. The more Clarins products I try, the more I see they do skin so very well, and I feel the launches they continue to add to their extensive range always really understand what women want from their skincare – intelligent, effective, easy to understand products which aren’t super complicated but work well to deliver results. The newest range is Hydra Essentiel – 5 hydrating products for all skin types aimed at “thirsty skin” {ie. dehydrated} and anyone looking to boost radiance, glow as well as firmness and luminosity. 

The range consists of 4 moisturisers – one for each skin type – Silky Cream for normal/dry, the same with SPF 15, Cooling Gel for normal/oily, a Milky Lotion for combination and one online exclusive for very dry skin,  as well as one serum for all skin types. I love that it’s broken down by texture so you can not only choose moisturiser by skin type but also by texture preference (i.e., thicker creams or light fluid).

Spring is a great time to launch this as the hook is that our skin can struggle to deal with temperature and climate change – so from winter to summer, from central heating to cold air, resulting in skins natural moisture retention dropping – dull, lacklustre skin.  I always suggest clients look at their skincare when the seasons change as many people find their skin behaves super differently throughout the year.

The hero of this range for me is definately the Hydra-Essentiel serum – it is dual phase (i.e. shake before use!), and literally water weight, making it unlike any serums I’d used before –  good if you hate the feel of heavy product on your skin. This absorbs super quickly and is designed to quench dull, irritated and uneven skin. I am usually loathe to apply serums in the morning for fear of too much product underneath makeup but my skin drinks this in seconds. It contains Kalanchoe which helps the skin to boost skin’s Hyaluronic Acid production, meaning it’s addressing firmness, radiance and texture (win win).  This also contains Clarins’ anti pollution complex, designed to help to protect the skin against indoor and outdoor pollution. I’d felt a little underwhelmed about serums of late, but this has I do love the lightness of this, and I alternate it with Estee Lauder’s ANP, another Hyaluronic Acid hero.

The Clarins Hydra-Essential Range is available now here from £36.

Emily x

*These were kindly sent to me for review, but as always, I only feature products that I love.


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