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Afternoon all. I hope your Monday is going as well as can be so far, I think I will try and get a Weekend Edit to go up tonight or tomorrow as I have a few things to update you on if you haven’t been following the vlogs. If you have watched the vlogs you would have seen these beauties a little while ago. We are taking a little visit to candle heaven today. If you know me at all by now, you will be aware of my candle love and the constant search for the perfect blend. The lovely people at Croydon Candle Co sent me some samples a few weeks ago and after vigorous testing I can tell all about their candles! 

I was sent a large candle plus 4 of their samples or wedding favour sizes. As soon as I took the lid off the Clean Cotton candle I knew it was going to be a favourite, the smell is fresh, warm and comforting. It is the perfect kitchen scent (its used to be The White Company mint one) and every time someone came round in the last few weeks they have asked what was burning. I can’t recommend this candle enough, the scent travels and fills the room well, and as you can see, I have about a centimetre left! Must re-order!

On to the wedding favours. I think these make for such a lovely gift for family and friends to take home. They can either keep it as a momento or burn it (in a candle way, not manic pyro way), I find there is nothing worse than being given a favour that you are not quite sure what to do with it, but you don’t want to throw it away. Candle favours are a perfect solution! Scent is such a personal thing but Croydon Candle Co have chosen combinations that I think will appeal to a lot of people such as Pumpkin Spice, Cut Grass, and Lavender (there are so many more though!).

You can chose the base colour of the sticker on the lid, the scent and what you’d like written via their website, they then do the rest. They are sold in boxes of 25 and come in the cute apothecary-esque jars. These make such a great favour if you are London couple, or if you are looking to keep your wedding suppliers local/British. The candles are made using 100% soy wax and quality fragrance oils for an eco-friendly, clean burn with no added dyes or chemicals. And I can definitely concur with the clean burn! The Clean Cotton has done much better than my Diptyque.

Scent is so powerful and can be used to bring back memories. I think it is lovely that you can capture the scent of your day to be reminded of it in years to come whenever you light a candle, and hey, who doesn’t love a candlelit Netflix binge or a long soak in a candle lit bath?

If you aren’t getting married but want a new candle addiction then I wholly recommend picking up the Clean Cotton one, I think I will repurchase and also buy a lavender one for the guest room. They scent a room so well, even when not lit which for me is a deal breaker. Have a look at their website for further scents.

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