Here come the girls…


Shortly after getting engaged, I found out that most of the groomsmen already knew Callum was proposing to me. He had also already asked them to be Groomsmen.. Luckily for all those involved, I accepted the proposal!

My best friends and sisters however, were all completely in the dark still so Cal and I organised to go back up north to share our good news! I remember organising to meet my girlfriends Kim and Gabri in a local wine bar, I had worn a baggy cardigan that bunched around my hands to hide my ring before the big reveal over some Gin & Tonics. I think they both screamed and there were a couple of tears, along with accusations of suspicion over my cardigan in the height of summer! We went on to have the most lovely evening and by midnight they had planned my hen do along with Callum (whispering around the table.) I hadn’t even asked them to be my bridesmaids! Although I never really needed to..

So here is a little run down of our bridal party starting with the Bridesmaids!




We met a number of years ago working at Vogue (the bar NOT the magazine unfortunately..) What can I say, it all started with a night out on New Years Day (who goes out on January first I hear you say??? US apparently!) That night ended with drunken McDonald’s in Gabriella’s bed and one of the trio ticking something off their bucket list.. Cementing the friendship from there on out. Kim rescued me when I was having an awful time at University and fed me cheesecake and hot chocolate in her Nottingham flat. We also found a mutual love for southern comfort, cranberry and lime as well as TEQUILA! One leg of the tripod, one of my favourite witches (and pig) but neither in a bad way!!







Again I officially met Gabriella at Vogue, however our paths had crossed many a time before without us realising!!! We played hockey against each other as we went to different schools, dated people in the same friendship groups (luckily never the same person) and I even went to her house for a pre prom party where I did not know a soul apart from my date! (Sorry about gatecrashing that one Gabs..) I could always rely on Gabri to go out with me when Vogue was quiet and we would be allowed to leave early (Kim was the best behind the bar so they made her stay!) We always knew a great place to party regardless of which night of the week it was. Looking back I have no idea how we afforded to go out every night!?? Aside from drinking, we also love to bake together, although she is WAY better! Eat Pizza, drink Prosecco, do the $5 shake and recover with a Lytham Kitchen Breakfast. Another leg of the tripod. Also a witch! REJECTION!







Caitlyn is the elder of my two younger sisters (the middle child!) She lives in Lancashire, on the same road as my mum where we grew up. She also has an ADORABLE little boy called Asher who just turned 1. Cait is one of the kindest, most generous people you will ever meet. I remember her always sharing her sweets when she was little, to the point where she never had any left for herself! (Although I didn’t like cherry drops which were her fave.) Also completely beautiful and elegant, she should have been a model.. they say there is always one child that gets the best genes!






Abi is the youngest child and lives over in the states where we were all born! I miss her loads and haven’t seen her in almost 18 months which is far too long.. She also has a gorgeous little boy called William who is 2 and a complete nutter!!! I love Facetiming them and finding out all the fun stuff they have been up to. They never fail to cheer me up when I have had a tough day. Abigael is so chilled, no nonsense and handles everything that is thrown at her. Perfect person to have around on a wedding day.






Tilly is Callum’s sister. Now she is actually a model. I’m still undecided if that’s a pro or con for the wedding photos… only joking Tils! Being super organised and not afraid to boss me around a bit, I know she will keep everything on track throughout the morning. As loving Auntie to my two fur babies, she will be able to let her hair down without worrying about them on the big day as they will be off at Paul’s (the dog whisperer!) Tils will also be finishing her final year at uni in May so the celebrations will be in full swing!!! Woohoooooo!



Thank you for being there for me throughout all the years we have known each other. When things have been tough, I have been able to count on each of you! Hopefully I have returned the favour too. I cannot wait to walk down the aisle knowing you ladies will be by my side!


P.S. 70 days until #beansorgravy wedding! Also.. as you read this blog, I will be all the way in Barcelona with a bunch of Irish ladies celebrating Mairead’s hen do! Not long until my own hen do now is it girls…?

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