MEGATONE… have been reading the MEGA side of the wedding planning I thought it would be appropriate to hear the views of TONE. As you have all probably worked out I love to be organised and am a control freak, and not just with wedding planning in life in general. When it has come to wedding planning Tone has let me have full control of planning but with the help of him. Tone is the most laid back person I’ve and I’m sure any of you would ever meet, he doesn’t get stressed about anything (well maybe on the golf course) he doesn’t argue, he doesn’t worry and most definitely does not have the urge to be organised like me! I feel like I hit jackpot when it comes to Tone especially when it comes to wedding planning with all my requests he always replies YES DEAR!

I wanted Tone to be part of the planning as the day is all about the both of us and I want that to be reflected in the day! Tone will listen to me endlessly go on about wedding plans and will have his input when he wants and I am so grateful and thankful to him for allowing me to plan MY dream wedding, but sometimes I wish he would get more involved. He still thinks the wedding is ages away, and we have sorted everything, I keep listing all the jobs we have yet to do.

If I’m being completely honest writing this blog was the first time we have had a slight (and when I say slight I mean I got in a mood while laid back tone just shrugged his shoulders) disagreement about the wedding. From discussing the wedding planning and Tone’s View on it became obvious the wedding planning really had just been left to me, Tone is happy if I’m Happy and he knows how much I have enjoyed the planning. For me I am truly grateful for this, but I do find it frustrating at times as I want him to want to be more involved, or just ask what could he do to help? I think with the wedding being so close (2months and a week) I feel like my head is spinning with all things wedding and continuously thinking how it will run on the day, what else I need to sort, paying off things, updating the spreadsheet, trying to sort the table plan with the ever changing guest list. I feel guilty having a moan as I wouldn’t want him to be too involved and take over, I have dealt with groomzillas in the florist and I defiantly could not handle one. Do any of you brides to be have these feelings? Is your groom laid back, helpful, too helpful?

With all this currently stressing me out and I know I shouldn’t, but I feel a lot of pressure on me with the wedding, as one we have 150 guests to try plan a lovely memorable day for plus another 100 evening guests! We are the first on many of friends to get married this year, I don’t see wedding competition as a problem, as we are all friends, we are going to cross over on ideas and things that are the same, that’s why we are friends, but I just feel a slight pressure to start the weddings off, I’m sure the other couples can learn from our wedding on things we missed, things that didn’t flow so well or even things they loved. I’m just so happy I can go to theirs as a wife and not a bride to be as I would be worrying how fabulous their’s is and thinking what do I need to change, but I can just drink relax and enjoy their special days!  Working in the wedding industry many people have stated they expect the wedding to be great, as I know what I’m doing (Tone included.) The flowers- every person who speaks to me about the wedding always mentions they can’t wait to see the flowers, even if they are not invited!! We have had wedding magazines contact us to publish our wedding just because of the flowers, I know they have got to be spectacular and I’m not going to lie I want them too, I’m so excited about the flowers and even more nervous……..not just about making them but the cost! That’s a blog for next week!!

So after beginning this blog and having a bit of a wedding melt down, Tone and I chatted about  my wedding stress,  we decided to make a full list of things to do, from Thank you presents, to a list of photo’s for the photographer to songs we want playing for the DJ and finding tweed harness for our two little boys (Jack Russell’s) Bilbo and Bailey. The list of jobs to do is huge, there is even more than I thought to do, tonight we are going to start to tackle the list as a team well it is called the MEGATONE wedding after all. Brides this week I have learnt that don’t let the build-up of the wedding just stress yourself, it is a joint effort and tell your groom you need help! I feel so much better from doing this, and feeling productive again, a good list to work from can soon get your jobs to do ticked off! Well that was all very unintentional and something I didn’t realise I needed to address so back on track.

So Tones View……


Groom’s, have input on the information that needs to be on the invitation, it is so easy for simple things to be missed off! Two heads are better than one! Think about what your guests need to know, when do they need to book a taxi home, give taxi numbers. Does your bar have a card machine or should you tell guests it will be a cash bar only! The more information you can give the guest the easier you make the day for them.

Sorry I (Megan) had to add a Tip for the bride- Take full control of delivering or posting these. Tone was given a pile of save the dates to hand out, a month later we had friends, close friends Aaron (one of our ushers) and his fiancé Vicki around for dinner. Standing in the kitchen Vicki was looking at out fridge and said ‘oh so you have done save the dates?’ I replied ‘yes please tell me you go yours? TONE!!!!! Tone still had a pile in his car he had not got around to sending back, I even found some when we moved out! I don’t think some of his evening guest have even got theirs yet!

The Venue

I think this is one of the first and most important things to think about and sort. After all it will be where you spend most of the day and will have the most memories of! When we got engaged we first thought about having it in my parent’s garden. I was lucky enough to grow up in a big farmhouse with a big lawn so it was the perfect place! My mum needed some persuading as she will worry no end in getting the garden ready. Luckily she changed her mind and we sorted a big marquee.


This is somewhere that the groom can have actually have the final say! I thought as we were having a country style wedding a tweed suit would be a good idea! I looked through the internet for ideas and found a lot of choice! The only issue was that I have 9 suits to sort out, that would be pricey!

After more shopping trips to nearby Norwich and Cambridge and searching on the internet I found Slaters who did really nice tweed jackets and waistcoats for a really good price so thought that I could put them with a pair of chinos with a shirt a tie for less than the price of a full suit to buy or even hire.

The next issue is getting all 9 people to get measured for the jackets and waistcoats. Trying to get that many people together all at the same time would prove impossible! But after a few trips there only 1 left to get fitted and the altered suits to collect.

Food and Drink

After going to quite a few wedding in the last few years, the food is always something people talk about afterwards and it sticks into people’s memory of the day! With this in mind and the theme of the wedding we came up with the BBQ idea, everyone loves a BBQ! We thought this would be a good filling meal ready for lots of drinks in the evening!

One of my inputs into the drinks was what type of beer will be served. A very important part of a guys day! With the amount of people coming we’ve ordered 3 barrels of beer for arrival and table drinks. This worked out a much better deal with branded pint glasses so the beer tastes and looks good, if meg can have fancy knife and forks I had have proper glasses.


This is another a big talking point after the big day. With having a 2-3hr gap between the ceremony and sitting down to eat, there will be plenty of time to keep people entertained! We came up with the plan of some garden games and a band playing. We chose a local band Jessie’s Ghost that we’ve seen before and thought were really really good! They are also playing our first dance song in the afternoon which will be a different to other weddings, saves doing the awkward first shuffle in front of the evening guests too . We also have Jak Ropa a local DJ for the evening music who is known for getting everyone on the dancefloor!

So final tips…

Be prepared to get straight into wedding planning as soon as the ring goes on that finger!

The bride will already have lots of ideas of her perfect wedding… She’s probably already thought of everything.

The bride will have a million and 1 things on her mind up until the day – Us Grooms probably won’t have a lot to think about so try to make things as easy as possible for the bride.

Try and stick to the budget – You don’t want to be worrying about paying the wedding while trying to plan it!

It’s the biggest day of the bride’s life – Make sure it’s everything she wants it to be!

Megan and Tone xx


Days to go: 65 days

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