The Bridesbabes


I pretty much knew from the get go I would have bridesmaids I like the thought of sharing the lead up to your special day with those who are close to you.

Who I was going to have as a bridesmaid was my first obstacle, my sister pretty much forced herself on me I believe I heard ‘ if I am not your bridesmaid I will never speak to you again’  knowing fine well she couldn’t go a day without speaking to me and it was a empty threat but it was clear I wouldn’t hear the last of it.

In terms of friends I have a handful of very close friends all very different and have joined my life at different stages, so after a few months of deliberation I made my choice. I based this on who was in my life currently, who knew Stephen and I as a couple and more importantly who I could rely on to ‘ help me get my shit together’

So there you have it simple right ?…. or so I thought when people discuss their bridesmaids they never usually hear them talking about the nightmare that is dressing them !! I have quite particular style for the wedding and myself and I want my bridesmaids to represent this. I had visions of them wearing a cute Topshop shift dress or a gorgeous jumpsuit.

Roll on 3 months of dress trying on, I am on first name terms with my delivery guy I have bought approx 40 different dresses and not one has been suitable.

My issues are

  • My bridesmaids are completely different shapes and I mean different I have tall/short/big chest/small chest / size 8-18 you name it. Ever noticed Pinterest where the bridesmaids look amazing well look closer they are usually the same height size and shape.
  • I gave them a choice each one has gave me their requirements such as  must have sleeves, not too short, no high necks.
  • I want my maids to wear the same dress, I love the idea of my bridesmaids wearing the same so they stand out on the day and everyone knows they are my bridesmaids.
  • I have been looking since December, looking for a summer dress in the winter hasn’t been ideal.
  • Most importantly I want my bridesmaids to feel and look amazing

So there you have it I always thought my biggest stress of the wedding would be finding my dress but that was probably the easiest part and I am sure it’s not just me feeling the stress I think my bridesmaids now dread the incoming text ‘I have new delivery you need to try on’

We have decided to give it a break and wait a few months until around May when there is more choice, but I will keep you guys updated on the progress.



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