MEGATONE WEDDING| Less than three months, Its starting to feel real

3 months till the MEGATONE WEDDING….That does not even feel possible! Where has the last year gone! The last few weeks have been very productive, and I’m feeling very organised but there is a slight panic in me about what have I forgot and what else do I need to do. There are some things which can’t be done till nearer the time, or till the Marquee is up! The wedding itself is nearly all paid off HALLELUJAH!!! The bridezilla control freak in me wants to write list upon list of instructions for each supplier, and myself with a job list and plans on who will be doing what! I thought I would share with you what we have been sorting over the last few weeks!

Last Sunday it was my nephews christening, I was honoured to be asked to be his God Mother. The christening was held in the church we are getting married in. I have always looked forward to walking down the aisle, I often drive around with the song playing that I’m walking down the aisle too, and end up smiling, crying and laughing at myself. On Sunday walking in the church which was nearly full I felt so awkward and nervous walking up the aisle to my seat. Standing in front of everyone, reading out loud a few words, I was extremely nervous I could feel my face turning red. The vicar was quite the comedian and at the end of the service he asked for the God Parents to stand at the front of the church to sing, thankful he was only joking he was just presenting us with our certificates but standing there in anticipation with 80 people staring at me, it hit me how will I be able to do that on the day! I know it won’t just be my body shaking walking up the aisle but my voice will be trembling too trying to say our vows. Reality has hit!! We met with the church warden too, who told us our First Banns were being read the following weekend, and they have got the Bishop coming to take the service and read them. The church likes you to go to one service where your banns are read, we went on Sunday with Tony’s parents, as they wanted to see the church for the first time, and my Nan also came as she was also brought up in Shouldham church and my Great Nan her mother is buried there. I’m not full on religious but it was beautiful service and the Bishop opened it with some lovely words about our wedding.

A couple of weeks ago we got to go to our wedding tasting evening. We got to sample some canapés we will be having and some others, which made us change one of our choices, Tone’s favourite was a sausage roll (an all-time favourite) we thought the guests will be happier with a posh sausage roll than potted shrimp. The main, which is a ‘Meat Feast’ I don’t want to give the full menu as I want the guest to have some surprises. We were extremely happy with the taste of the food, the burger was the best I have ever tasted! We did want to make a few changes to the look of the food on the plate, we know with a BBQ it won’t look like the food produced in a formal three course sit down, but with the styling of the wedding meaning so much to me, it has to look right. Speaking with the caterers who were very accommodating, we have come up with ideas of how we are going to make changes and thankfully with the bits we have added on it hasn’t added loads to the final bill. The dessert was just perfection, I am so excited for everyone to try it! Advice- DO, do a wedding tasting and make sure you try exactly what you will be having, so you know what it will look like and make sure your happy with it! On photo’s you may see what the food looks like but the taste could be not to your liking! Be strong with making changes, it is hard slightly awkward and you feel guilty to the chef but when your spending all that money on YOUR day it has to be how you want it!
I’m sure you all read the brilliant Blog by fellow SYGM Bride Helena Hickley a couple of weeks ago about her amazing day Wedding shoe shopping, (The unintentional post) I’m extremely jealous of it, it sounded like a perfect day. The blog really stuck with me, I realised the shoes I had brought were just shoes, I choose because with our wedding insurance we got a Debenhams voucher, they were not my dream wedding shoes! Straight after reading the blog I was non stop looking on websites trying to find THE shoes, even Tone was quite interested at looking at shoes and was the one pushing me to buy more exciting (and expensive) shoes! As I mentioned last week blue has always been my favourite colour and on Instagram following endless wedding related accounts, which show many blue shoes, at the back of my mind I liked the idea of blue shoes, but the shade had to be right! I came across these on Ted Baker and they were just perfect, we also found on their website the most fitting tie for Tone too. We have sorted the boys jackets, waist coats, trousers (finally) we are letting them all sort their own shirts, so now we just need to sort Tone’s shirt and trousers. A few have been ordered but none have been right yet. I just want them to be sorted but Tone is so laid back about it all he thinks the wedding is ages away yet.

On Saturday I had such a lovely afternoon, for the first time I had all the bridesmaids together. We had a local seamstress come to my parent house, to alter all the bridesmaid dresses and my Wedding Dress. I wanted the afternoon to be perfect I had the dress’s hanging from personalised hangers with the bridesmaids names on and wedding date, along with champagne flutes to match. The alterations needed were not major, she had the dresses all back to me on Thursday. I then put my dress on to show the girls for the first time! They all gave me lovely compliments which filled me with confidence. My dress only needed a few alterations, and the lady did them while she was at the house so she didn’t have the responsibility of taking it home. If you know a local seamstress I would defiantly recommend asking them about the costing of them altering dresses for you, the price I was quoted for my dress, from the wedding dress shop was the same price I paid for mine, 7 bridesmaid dresses, my sisters ball gown and my wedding pre drinks dress. I was treated to presents too!! We then had lunch and bubbles. While I had all the bridesmaid’s there I thought it would take advantage and get them to work! I got them to finish of our order of services, which ended with us singing hymns and listening to Amy and Terri practice their church reading. The afternoon was just perfect thank you girls!


Hen Do update: one of my bride tribe accidently let it slip we are off to Ireland for my surprise weekend away, that’s all I know, don’t know what part of Ireland or what type of accommodation we are staying in but I am so happy we are going there. It’s where I always pictured my hen do to be. My mum’s side of the family are Irish and one of my favourite nights out was in Galway, Galway Girl is one of my hits on the Karaoke. I’ve always wanted to bring the girls to Ireland for a weekend of drinking, live music, Irish jigs and just giggles, the Irish are just so happy and friendly. One very Happy Hen and Bride to be!
Megan xx
Days to go: 72 days

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