The Venue, the date…. I am getting married !!

The story of my wedding venue is a pretty simple one. I visited just one venue fell in love and booked it within one week. What isn’t straight forward is I actually visited the venue on my own and booked it before Stephen my partner had even seen it.
As mentioned  Stephen works away sometimes up to 10 weeks at a time and it just so happened that my venue’s first ever open day fell on a day Stephen was away. I deliberated whether I should wait for him to come home before starting to view venues, but curiosity got the better off me. I took my family with me to view the venue my Mum spent the 50 minute journey complaining that the venue was too far away and I needed somewhere closer to home.

When we pulled up at the venue I admit I was less than impressed it looked like a pub at the side of the road…. how wrong I was my breath was literally taken away the second I walked in even my family admittdly were silenced into admiration for the venue.


I knew there and then the venue was for me. I am a bit of a interior geek and that’s what was important to me when considering our venue…..Le Petit Chateau ticked all the boxes, I got excited thinking about how I was going to dress the venue not that it needs much adding to it and the accommodation for the guests is amazing each bedroom designed individually, the gardens were gorgeous and I felt like I was abroad and the chapel oh the chapel I got emotional when I walked down the aisle towards the grand fire place.

Convincing Stephen it was the venue for us wasnt too hard I bombarded him videos and photographs over the course of a few days  and after a few lengthy FaceTime calls I manged to persuade him to let me go ahead and book it. Deciding the date was a bit tricky I always wanted a winter wedding I loved the idea of fairy lights and dark nights, but i decided it would be shame for it to be too cold and not use the fabulous garden so we decided on September the nights are a tad darker but the weather is still warm, plus it would give us just over a year to save and plan.

So there we have it I am getting married on 10th September 2017 at Le Petit Chateau, Otterburn


Holly xxx




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