Trying to plan a cruelty free wedding

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I’m a vegetarian, and very big on living a cruelty free life. I don’t buy leather, all the products I buy are cruelty free and not tested on animals, and I always buy vegan products to try, on the hope I could one day transition.

Paddy is a big meat eater but still cares for animals and understands my view point. He has also started consuming a lot less meat in the past few years, and so have a lot of people close to us too. I’m keen to advocate cruelty free living in as many places as possible, and so the question is, is this possible at a wedding?

We’ve discussed whether we should have all vegetarian catering, and actually after a bit of persuasion Paddy has come round to the idea. I hate the thought of spending SO much money on meat for so many people, when it’s something I’m so passionately against. Paddy offered the compromise however of having meat as part of the evening food, which I’m prepared to settle on. It’s really difficult trying to do what’s right for you when no matter what, you have to think about so many others. I’ve had a mixed reaction from the people I’ve mentioned this to so far, some have turned their noses up whilst others have really encouraged the idea. I’m not suggesting having a bowl of vegetables for dinner, but more proving that you can eat really delicious meals that don’t involve meat (or fish). We’re still looking for caterers so if you know any good caterers or if any vegetarian caterers want to get in touch then please do!

Now the BIG one for me, more important than the food, is the shoes. I don’t buy leather anymore. But I reeeeally picture myself with a pair of ivory satin Manolo’s or Jimmy Choo’s on my wedding day – but typically they all have leather soles and lining. This is a really difficult pill for me to swallow. Vegan shoe makers are generally so ugly, but these are going to be the most important shoes I ever wear! Just because I’m cruelty free doesn’t mean I don’t have taste. So again, a very big decision to make, and one I’m still exploring. I’m actually wondering about whether any of the designers would commission a pair of shoes that didn’t include leather, as I’d be prepared to pay for that. Again – holla at me if you know where I should be looking.

Cruelty is a fashion statement we can all live without – Ruth McClanahan

Finally, I need to find a cruelty free make-up artist. It’s amazing how many of your high street to high end brands actually test on animals, so over the past two years I’ve been replacing all my products to be cruelty free. I’m now on the hunt to find a make-up artist who again, has taste(!) but shares my values and only uses cruelty free products.

Obviously being cruelty free adds an additional challenge to the wedding, but it’s one I’m prepared to take on and I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t be stick to my values. If you know any good cruelty free suppliers for any of the above, please let me know! If not, I’ll keep you updated with how I get on in future blog posts. 

You can keep updated with all my wedding planning and also with the cruelty free products I buy by following my instagram @clairelstead.

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