MEGATONE WEDDING | Wedding Dress Stress

MEGATONE WEDDING| Wedding Dress Stress

Wedding dress shopping is probably top of the ‘to do’ list for most newly engaged bride’s, for me it was the opposite. I struggled with being excited about going wedding dress shopping, everyone would say, bet you’re excited to go and try on dresses? How excited are you for next week when you go dress shopping? I would politely say ‘yeah, I can’t wait’, but in my head be thinking I really am not excited at all, I was more nervous and worried. I have never been a girly girl, my favourite colour has always been blue and growing up with an older and younger sister, and a dad who always wanted a son, I think this rubbed on to me. I would always be the one in my tracksuit when I was younger!  Planning the decorating, styling and organising the whole thing, getting to write endless lists….. that what I was excited about!

Working in the wedding industry and knowing my summer was going to be extremely busy, I wanted to get dress shopping done early, so I got it done and out the way! I had seen a dress at a wedding show I was working at that I fell in love with, then it was THE DRESS, I had to try it on. I went last February for two appointments in Norwich and then had booked two for Cambridge the following week. Before the appointments I had scanned the internet looking at the styles I liked, and looked at the designers the shops had on offer and had a few favourites saved in my head, along with the non stop wedding dress photo bombardment from my sister Michelle, I really thought I had it sussed the look I was going for, but I did have a couple of completely different styles in mind to try too.

I do love getting dressed up but I find it so stressful, I order all my clothes online. If I do go shopping then I like to go get what I want and leave. There is nothing worse than going into high street shops, trying to find clothes to fit, when they seem to only be made for stick thin, flat chested curve less girls, which creates a very flustered moody Meg. I’ve never been small, I’m not huge (sometimes I feel it) on average I’m a size 14 or sometimes a 12. A few days before I went for the appointment I really got myself worked up, I felt sick I was anxious…. very anxious, I even had the day off work the day before! Part of me was a little bit excited, I was so curious to find out what I would look like in a wedding dress, and what types of dresses would suit me?

When we (Me my sister Michelle, Terri one of my maid of honour, my Mum and Tones Mum) arrived at Pure I was so tense I was having a hot flush, I was eager to start looking at dresses but worrying about what I would look like wearing them. Ria took our appointment as she was so friendly and really started to put me at more at ease, she took us up to our private suite, sat the others down with refreshments and then took me down to look at all the dresses. I wished that Michelle and Terri could have come with me to go pick some to try on, but half way looking through them I realised Ria done this for a reason she was learning about the types of dress’s I liked and didn’t like, rather than being influenced by others. I think it was really great how Ria first listened to the type of Dress’s and styles I liked, and then made me look at every dress they had hanging in the shop and say if I liked it and why and if I didn’t like it and why. Ria then put a tag on each one I wanted I said yes to, and then asked if she could tag a couple she thought would suit me. There was one dress it was one of the curve ball dress’s I had seen prior….and I know how cheesey it sounds, but it just made me feel strange, it was the one I most looked forward to trying on. We went back up to the suite I was still a sweating nervous wreck, Ria put the air con on for me and I slightly cooled down while the others sat there shivering. I got undressed and in a gown while Ria went down and got two dresses to try on. She brought back THAT dress and another, I just kept looking at it and said I don’t want that to be the first I try on, I don’t know why I didn’t I just had a strange feeling about it.

First dress, I didn’t just feel awful in it I looked it, it was completely not me, I’m not going to say what it was like so you don’t know the style I may have gone for but this style was straight away crossed off the list! Second dress THAT dress, as soon as it was half on I was staring back at myself in the mirror while Ria was doing it up I just knew, as cringey as it sounds and I never thought the words would come out of my mouth ‘the dress gave me this tingly feeling that just made me smile, the first time I had smiled thinking about my wedding dress’ Ria then looked at me with a huge smile and said ladies ‘beware I have a good feeling about this one I want you all to close your eyes and wait for Megan to come out an stand on the podium and open your eyes when I tell you.’ Their reaction confirmed my feelings, there wasn’t the movie scene tears but I think their stunned looking faces said it all to me.

Deep down I knew I had found the dress, but wanted to carry on trying different ones, as you never know! I tried many different styles and GIRLS, wedding dresses are actually very flattering, when you work out the style and shapes that work with your body, a couple of times I had to look twice in the mirror at myself and think how is my waist looking that small? One dress I came out wearing, my sister Michelle just burst out laughing and said how ridiculous I looked, the dress I was wearing was the one she had sent photos off to me over 10 times telling me it was the dress she wanted to me have! When I told her this she was shocked at how different it looked on me compared to the photo of the model wearing it! Trying on all the different styles showed me how the ones I loved and the style I wanted for my wedding dress didn’t actually suit me, dresses I didn’t want actually like flattered me, I may not still have picked them but they did make me look good. The dress I picked, it definitely was not the style I thought I would be wearing!

I didn’t say Yes to the dress that day, I still went to the other appointment I had that afternoon, as they had THE dress, the dress I wanted from the start of my planning my wedding, the one I fell in love with, the one I could see myself getting married in. I’m not going to name this shop as my experience there wasn’t the best, the only way I could explain it was a comedy show. I was thinking to myself while stood, half naked with my tights on (yes the lady told me to keep them on) with shoes from the 50’s on and my bridal entourage sat on a sofa not wearing their shoes as they wasn’t allowed too, starring and laughing at me, yes that’s right there was no curtain to hide behind while undressing, just a very old fashioned back room, ‘Is this a set up? Are Ant and Dec going to jump out? I do know other girls who have had a great experience here but I think that day, maybe I just got the wrong person helping me? THE DRESS well I looked like something off a horror film, it did not suit me one bit, I think that was one for the flat chested, curve less girls, it would have looked stunning, just not me! The funniest part was when I was stood in this very dated plain strapless satin gown which the lady chose for me to try on even though I had said I didn’t want a strapless dress, she has pulled me in so tight I could not breathe! My waist though wow it was tiny but I was very uncomfortable! She then went into a draw and pulled out what looked like a lace napkin with jewels around the edge and tucked it into my boobs and said we could make some straps with this! I think she saw not just from my face but the bodies shaking from laughter on the sofa that we were not impressed, at this point I knew I needed to get out. Thank god this had not been the first shop I went to as with my anxiety about wedding dress shopping I don’t think I would have made another appointment. Walking out the shop I had decided I NEVER wanted to go through that again and I knew the dress in Pure was the one, so I cancelled my appointments in Cambridge and booked a second appointment in Pure the following week!

I SAID YES TO THE DRESS!!! Last week I picked up my Dress, to put it on again a WHOLE YEAR later, was incredible I was so happy with it! I need only a few small alterations. I decided to bring the dress home (to my parents) and get a local lady to do these for me, as this weekend she is coming over to alter all the bridesmaids. It also saved me paying for storage at the shop and expensive alterations with them.


Girls what can you learn from me;

  • Wedding dress stress and anxiety is OK, just don’t worry yourself like I did honestly you will enjoy it and be surprised at how flattering wedding dresses can be.
  • Research into designer’s, and dress styles you like and be open to like different styles.
  • For your first appointment book a shop that has lots of dresses, and do try lots of different styles on, until you start trying them on you won’t know what suits you, and it will be probably be opposite to what you wanted.
  • Take photos, many shops say you’re not allowed, but when you’re spending all that money on a dress you’re only going to wear once you do need time to think about and having photos to look at and compare will really help!
  • Don’t worry about the size they are going to order you it’s only a number! Mines a size 16!
  • Enjoy every moment of it you won’t be doing it again!

I have been busy with MEGATONE wedding planning and now it’s under three months to go! Next week we will have a big catch up on what we have been up to including the wedding menu tasting!

Megan xx


Days to go: 86 days

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