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SHOES! I never intended to write a post about this particular subject because if I’m honest, I thought it would be one of the more minor details of planning a wedding. I’m sure my mum will laugh at this statement because she has seen my extensive shoe collection multiply over the years.. BUT after having such a wonderful experience last weekend, I felt like I had to share it with all of you, so that you can in turn experience it too!


shoe wall


My wedding shoes were always going to be a gift from my mother and father in law to be which is amazing of them (haha Callum- you have to buy your own!) However, I was quite concerned that I had my heart set on those cobalt blue Manolo Blahniks and had done ever since I saw the Sex and the City film.. I was of course prepared to pay for these (on my credit card. To be paid off for the rest of eternity. Ok slight exaggeration..) The deal breaker was that these do not come in the 115mm heel that Carrie receives, but instead a 100mm heel which is rather less impactful. I did however try these on in Liberty and they were still absolutely beautiful!




Second on my list was Jimmy Choo, who I had seen do a made to order service where you can have your married initials in gorgeous gold lettering embedded into the soles. These were the dream! So on Saturday, Callum and I met his parents at a little tapas restaurant for lunch and a couple of glasses of wine (NOT advisable when making important wedding purchases.) We discussed the Choo’s and Big Ash gave Annie and I the green light (thanks Big Ash!) The boys then went off to the rugby, whilst Annie and I practically skipped over to Jimmy Choo on New Bond Street.


jimmy choo
Walking into the store was like being transported into a movie. Even the entrance was grand with huge gold and glass doors opened by a doorman/security. The carpets were thick and luxurious and walls were covered in mirrors and jewels! Each shelf was like a mini art exhibition and was perfectly curated with shoes, bags and props. We headed straight for the bridal room which was up these incredibly grand stairs that reminded me of Miranda Priestly’s house in Devil wears Prada but with added bling!


shoe wall 2


Being lunchtime on a Saturday, the store was full to the brim with brides and their mother’s or bridesmaids. You would think this could be quite stressful or intimidating but it was actually really lovely. We were helped by Lena who offered us a glass of champagne whilst we waited. I got chatting to the bride sat on the sofa next to me about our upcoming weddings, where we had tried other shoes on and what our dresses were like. Then Sophie, who was assisting the other bride joined in our conversations and gave us loads of advice about dyeing our shoes after the wedding so that we could wear them again and again. It was amazing that everyone was so friendly and relaxed. Before going into the store I was a little apprehensive that maybe I would be judged on what I was wearing, if they thought I was actually going to buy something or just drink the fizz and leave. I needn’t have worried though as I felt absolutely no pressure to buy anything and was given all the time in the world to browse. I was probably in the store for about 3-4 hours, goodness knows how! We tried on countless combinations of heel styles with various clips and jewels (and even Pom Poms which were my absolute favourite!)


pom pom


I decided immediately that an ankle strap was not for me as it was quite restrictive and I don’t have the most elegant of ankles.. I loved the Anouk style which I had seen online but after trying them on I realised that I would have to walk around in these for two whole days! An impossible task only for the most determined of women (with high pain thresholds!) I also really liked the blush suede as I thought the touch of colour would compliment my colour theme of blush and navy (hopefully we won’t look like we have just walked out of a Jack Wills catalogue.) My thought process behind the blush was that it would also make them more wearable post wedding (hold on.. there is a life after the wedding??) which is important to me as I want to be able to put them on and be taken back to memories of our wedding day! However when I tried this colour on they just looked a little blah.


shoes blush


This is when I spied the bride next to me trying on some stunning heels in an ivory satin.. Initially I had ruled out white/ivory because;

A) Most shoes in this colour are old fashioned wedding shoes with a rounded toe and kitten heel (yuck!)
B) When are you ever going to wear white/ivory shoes again???
C) Let’s face it, they will get absolutely filthy! We are talking grass stains, drinks, mud etc etc.
D) Are they a bit dull?? I mean I’m already wearing that colour dress, surely the shoes are an opportunity to make a statement!?




In spite of all of the above, these shoes instantly caught my eye and looked unbelievably elegant and gorgeous. I immediately requested to try on a matching pair and discovered they were the Romy 100 style featuring a more bearable heel height whilst still giving you the appearance of a sky scraping high heel! As I mentioned before, I fell in love with the Pom Poms that you can add to the shoe, as well as an alternative brooch with pearls and Swarovski crystals. The look of the shoe changed completely with each accessory and I decided upon the Pom Poms for the Saturday registry office and brooch for Sunday wedding. Although I was apprehensive about buying a light coloured shoe, I decided that I would definitely dye them after the wedding so I could get the best of both worlds.

Because this was such an important decision (and by this point Annie and I had consumed a fair amount of bubbles) we thought it would be best to go for a coffee to make a final decision before returning to the shop before it closed for the evening (very sensible of us I believe!)



Whilst we were on our shoe shopping break, I also unexpectedly stumbled across what would soon become my dress! As in my ceremony dress (more on my ACTUAL dress to follow..) Now as we are getting married in Norwich castle on the Saturday, whilst our wedding celebrations are taking place at Peppers on the Sunday, I needed to find not one, but two wedding dresses! I have been searching high and low for a ceremony dress ever since I found my wedding gown! I had a vision of me wearing a classic and sophisticated white shift dress that was not too formal but not too relaxed at the same time, however no one on the high street seems to do anything in white!!! I bought a floor length beaded gown from Debenhams which was incredible but a little over the top so got returned. I then bought a Kate Spade satin number which just fitted me awfully. I was starting to really worry when we walked into Selfridges and discovered a whole rack of self portrait gowns in white! After flicking through these, we realised that not only had we hit the jackpot with a rail of pretty white dresses, but they were also marked down from almost £600 to… wait for it… £20! Yep that’s correct TWENTY POUNDS. I tried one on and although I was initially sceptical about the boho style, I fell in love. It was relaxed without being informal and even had pockets!!!

Following our incredible Selfridges purchase, we went back to Jimmy Choo where suddenly my heart dropped. Pom Poms do not mix with boho! What was I going to do?? The assistants suggested that I popped the dress on in their conveniently places bridal fitting room in order to try it on with the shoes. I swished around the shop in my dress feeling like a complete movie star. Everyone was admiring my dress and the shoes just went perfectly. Unfortunately I had to very reluctantly give up the Pom Pom dream. In the end I placed my order for (after a quick check with Harriet at House of Snow bridal re the colour of my dress!) Ivory satin Romy 100 shoes, monogrammed with my married initials along with a pearl and Swarovski crystal brooch. I promised them I would be back in to purchase my beloved Pom Poms once my shoes had been dyed post wedding!


pom pom 2
I absolutely cannot fault the customer service at Jimmy Choo! Judi and her team were incredible when I experienced a couple of hiccups along the way; one being the brooch was out of stock everywhere (like the whole of the UK) however Julia managed to track me one down within a matter of hours! The second being that although I knew I had to purchase my shoes that day, ready for my first dress fitting on Valentine’s Day, I had selected a made to order style which take 8-12 weeks to arrive.. Judi came to the rescue and gave me a pair of shoes to borrow for my fitting which would be collected from me when I had finished with them. This was above and beyond anything I expected and I cannot recommend the brand and store in particular highly enough. I know that Jimmy Choo have made a customer for life in me and I cannot wait to visit again and try on the shoes that were made especially for me!


Bride’s Choice Gravy- 75

Grooms Choice Beans- 37




P.s. We are doing our food and wine tasting on Monday as well as having my dress fitting on Valentines Day! Keep your eyes peeled on Instagram for some sneek peeks ahead of next weeks blog!

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ninegrandstudent //

Very jealous here! I fell in love with a pair of Choos at Bicester, but they were out of my size, and full price wayyyy out of budget. I have actually picked gorgeous shoes up for £14 (reduced from £90) so pretty happy – though with the wedding in October 2018 I fully expected to have several pairs of wedding shoes by the time the date rolls round…