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The Honeymoon- where super organised and impulsive me got it wrong! I wanted to get the honeymoon booked as soon as we possible could! My dream has always been to go to the Bahamas and swim with the pigs, as a child Pigs were my favourite animal I collected all things pigs! We chatted quite a lot about the honeymoon and knew we didn’t want to just lay on a beach or by the pool as we both love a bit of adventure! We both love America and have always dreamt about travelling and exploring it. We came up with the idea of flying to San Francisco and driving the coast road to San Diego finishing in Los Angeles and flying back from there. I brought books on California and maps, I had the route planned where we would stop for a few nights, I even found the cutest and coolest restaurant in Malibu to eat at Malibu Café find them on Instagram, it would be the perfect place for a wedding venue. We broke down the costs and worked out how much it would all work out at…. The final total was terrifying but we decided we would never have the opportunity to do it again (or would we when we retire) so maybe we should just do it.


We were undecided for a few weeks then our friends announced they were going to be getting married in Las Vegas in February 2018, we really didn’t want to miss this and knew we could not afford to do our California adventure and the trip to Las Vegas, especially as the places were so close, we considered holding our honeymoon back and do in 2018 and then finish in Las Vegas to go to the wedding. But we both really wanted to go straight after the wedding, as after 18monts of me planning, giving myself headaches and poor Tone putting up with me non stopping talking about the wedding it only felt right to straight after the wedding.

So with all that in mind, I said let’s just book an all-inclusive and know what it will cost us, so then we can also afford to go to Las Vegas. I love to just get things done booked and not let myself have to keep thinking about things, so we booked a honeymoon to Mexico. I was really excited about it as I then knew we could go to Las Vegas too, but deep down I knew it wasn’t my dream honeymoon, and wondered if I would regret it……YES YES I DID! One the Zika Virus was a major worry I didn’t realise how bad the situation was in Mexico and that would effect when me and Tony could start trying for children after the wedding! Before booking your honeymoon please read up on this I’m annoyed I didn’t! Two, I started following the hotel we choose on Social Media, I kept checking on reviews and photos, this is when I REALLY started to regret what we had booked for our honeymoon! There was some really bad reviews, I know there will always be a few bad ones but the ones I was reading were to do with safety and the staff attitude including aggressive manors. I knew then I did not want to go, I was so cross with myself for impulsively booking the honeymoon, I take more blame than Tone, as throughout the whole planning he has been great he just says Yes dear, I think half the time he isn’t listening to me. I wish this time he had spoken up and said NO, as when I said to him ‘Tone read all this’  he said ‘Megan we are not going I never really wanted to anyway, I just knew it made sense saving money on the honeymoon so we could go to Las Vegas.’

Ok we need to sort a new honeymoon…..How do we go about it? What will we do? How much money will we lose? Will we still go to Las Vegas? And where will we go? We had booked our Honeymoon with Thomson and paid a £500 deposit, we certainly didn’t want to just lose all that money. We spoke with a Thomson advisor and let’s just say they were not so helpful, the only way we could change the honeymoon was because of the Zika Virus which meant we had to get a note from my Doctor advising he didn’t think I should travel to Mexico! We really wanted to do a long haul honeymoon and go somewhere we wouldn’t probably go again, the not so happy Thomson employee said to me ‘the only place you can go is Mauritius and the weather isn’t the best that time of the year!’ We spoke about it and said we HAVE to book our dream honeymoon as we have regretted booking the first one and may lose £500 so let’s get this one right! We knew Thomson could not offer us other options so we decided instead of losing the deposit money to put it towards a weekend away in September, with how unhelpful they were I was determined not to let just have our £500, and a weekend away in September will be lovely and some friends may be joining us too!

After many discussions of where we wanted to go we decided let’s not just go to one place lets go to two! One place Tony has always wanted to go to and one place I have. This is when the idea of New York and Bahamas came about, we were so excited it would be the dream, but was it a stupidly expensive dream and our bubble would soon be popped?  I spoke to Virgin Holidays and I cannot recommend them enough they were so helpful over the phone and sent quote over email. We were very happy with the prices given, we decided to make sure we had got all the details right by going to local Virgin store to book, as we knew we had to get it right. Again Virgin were so helpful and we walked away with another Honeymoon booked! The dream 4 nights in New York and a week in the Bahamas and we fly to the Bahamas on my Birthday!

When we booked it there was no Zika Virus in the Bahamas, its now a High Risk area, I am going to be super safe and spray myself non stop with Deet bug repellent spray. Ive read so many website on when you can try for children, they all say different things, so I think the best thing to do is chat with my doctor when we are home.

Before booking we made sure we researched (LIKE MAD) hotel options. In New York we came across a really cool homely and trendy hotel The Redbury, they have an amazing pizza restaurant on hold lots of live music events. The cocktails look pretty darn good too. It newly refurbished, I just love the detail in the décor.

The Bahamas was a bit more restricted where to stay, the Atlantis would have been the dream, but to be honest the rooms looked so dated and for what it cost at room only we didn’t feel you got value for money. We will go and have a look one day tho! I fell in love with a sandals private island resort it sounded like pure luxury and the more basic rooms were not too much, the private butler ones tho, wow maybe one day when we win the lottery. Again looking through photos and reviews it seemed very dated old carpets and lots of dark wood. We then came acors the Warkwick Paradise Island a brand new hotel that wasn’t opening September 2016. We loved the look of the artist impressions photos, and the fact it was going to be new and modern, though slightly scared we had no real photos or reviews to go by. We decided it was a risk worth taking and from the beautiful photo’s they have put on social media I’m sure we wont be disspaointed! I love that they have even intereatced with our excited comments on their posts, I feel welcome before we have even arrived! It’s all inclusive too which suits us perfect as we love a tipple and good food!

OH MY GOD I am going to be able to swim with the PIGS! I still can’t stop smiling at the thought of this. I straight away was researching how we could go to pig island and found the ONLY Company who went from our island, you guessed it I booked it the day the dates for May came out!

As I got to book my dream pig trip it was only fair we booked New York Yankee’s tickets too. My plan is to make a full New York itinerary so we can fit everything we want to into the days we are there, and then we can relax all-inclusive style in the Bahamas. My auntie and uncle live in New York and its looking doubtful they will be able to make the wedding, if they don’t they are going to meet us for a Wedding celebration in the city! I have been researching so many restaurants and tourist attractions and fallen in love with so many eateries on Instagram but if any of you lovely readers have any suggestions please get in touch; or Instagram @megan_boon

I have had a great weekend away with family and friends, minus a bike fall where I now have a very swollen eye, bruised and grazed face…OUCH and today (yesterday) I’m writing my blog in bed feeling sorry for myself, with a sickness bug. But over the weekend I had some exciting wedding news, I, Tony and my sister entered a competition to win a singer for our wedding……and my sister Michelle won!!! So we are going to be having the lovely Jo Jenkinson (Jo Manning Music) singing in the church to greet our guest, I’m so happy to have won this as, we had planned to play music off a CD player, as at wedding I’ve been to sometimes there is an awkward silence for guest waiting for the bride to arrive.  So thankful that to Jo for putting a great competition on Facebook, so if you see any competitions out there it’s always worth entering.


Today I’m going to try MY WEDDING DRESS on!! My fingers are crossed I’m feeling better tomorrow as I have to go! The shop I brought the dress from has a policy when the dress arrives in store you have 14 days to go try it on and check your happy with it and if you’re not then you have the right to send it back, with moving out and our trip away the only date I could do was today and it’s the 14th day so I have to go! Next week I shall keep you all posted, and write my blog on saying yes to the dress!

Megan xx


Days to go: 100 days (omg double figures tomorrow!)


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