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The one thing I constantly hear from women as a makeup artist is how frustrated they feel when they apply makeup before they leave the house, and by midday it’s either sliding off, disappearing or actually disappeared. I promise you there are a few simple things you can do to make it last longer, without having to spend hours and hours on your makeup in the mornings – just a few smart products and you’ll be able to leave the house and forget your makeup till you take it off that night! There are probably more tips I could include, but I think these are the main issues people have. If you have any others you’d like help with let me know below and I’ll include in a future post.

Problem 1 – Eye makeup issues 

Smudgy eye makeup on your eyelids

Where you’re going wrong – this is more than likely because you aren’t priming. You can have the most beautiful, most expensive eyeshadows in the world but if you don’t prep the skin underneath, they almost definitely won’t give you the results you want. Eyelids can become oily, and any oiliness can move product – especially powders, which can then be broken down, and move into the creases of the lid. The easiest thing to do is apply an eyelid primer before you start – either a cream shadow that dries to a powdery finish like Mac Paint Pots, or a mousse consistency like Bare Minerals BB Eye primers I find work best. You’ll find shadows easier to blend, liner smoother to apply, pigment appear truer – there aren’t many problems an eye primer won’t fix!  If it’s mascara transferring onto your brow bone, try one thats waterproof, or apply a waterproof topcoat over your mascara, like Clarins Doublefix. 

Smudging underneath the eye

Where you’re going wrong – This is usually because you’ve either used a waxy product under the eye, be it a creamy concealer or a soft liner pencil. Make sure you always pop a little setting powder over concealer right the way up the lash line to set it (I love Laura Mercier Secret Brightening powder, as it brightens as well as sets!), and when using a pencil liner outside the waterline, pop a little eyeshadow over the top, again to set it. If you use liner inside your waterline, always push a little eyeshadow just at the base of the lashes too – it will soften the line and also stop it from slipping.

Problem 2 – Sliding or disappearing foundation

Where you’re going wrong – This is usually either that you are choosing the wrong foundation for your skin type, or that you aren’t prepping and setting your base enough. If you have oily skin, a dewy, moisturising foundation is not going to last as long on your skin as one with a matte finish (sounds obvious but if you aren’t into makeup you may not know the difference in formulas and finishes – a lot of women I speak to don’t) So pick the right finish! Similarly, prime for your skin type – if you are dry, choose a hydrating base, oily, go mattifying etc. And exactly the same with your setting spray – dry, choose dewy. If you are normal of skin, lucky you! You can mix and match matte and hydrating, depending on your preference – just remember, generally speaking more matte products have longer lasting power.

Problem 3 – Patchy blusher /bronzer

Where you’re going wrong – This is such a common problem and such an easy fix! The reason why this happens is when you apply a powder blush or bronzer when your foundation is still wet – therefore it grabs unevenly onto your base and either immediately or eventually becomes patchy. The simplest way to fix this? Foundation, then set your makeup with your finishing powder, then blush and/or bronze. This way you apply your powder products to a dry, even canvas – simple! If you don’t want to do apply powder, pop your base on, do your eye makeup etc, and then apply your blush and bronzer last as your foundation will most likely have dried down by then.

I hope this has helped you – these are all really simple fixes and prove that application techniques are just as important as the products you choose.

Emily x

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