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When it came to the invites, I originally decided I would design them myself to save money, as spending money on the actually day meant more, and I needed to cut somewhere. I had a look on many sites at designs I could use, and yes there were lots of lovely ones, one’s I could have easily used, but me being perfectionist me, realised I wanted ours to be unique to us! The invites are the first impressions your guests will have of your wedding so you want them to be impressed don’t you? I started Pintresting (a Brides Enemy) for idea’s, I had a vision in my head how I wanted them to be but to try explain that to someone is hard, and I’m no artist so I could not have sketched it!

Although I wanted my dream invites, and I don’t think they were fussy, simple but to my style, I didn’t want to pay over the odds for them….there was no way I was spending just over £500 on invite! I considered just having an invite and not send a RSVP, people could just buy their own card and send it back to us, or even ring email text and let us know. But then having an rsvp there would this make guests respond quicker, and actually respond as I bet I can speak on behalf of all brides… ‘How annoying is it waiting on RSVP’s and chasing for them?’ I am a very impatient person, so I wanted them all back the week we sent them!! You should have seen the smile on my face when I would get home to find a RSVP hanging from the door, or the disappointment when there wasn’t any there! Also as you are aware we sold our cottage yesterday so all our RSVP’s had that address on it, so I was scared of one getting lost, imagine if a guest had sent it back and we just thought they were being rude and not responding so we didn’t add them to the confirmed day guests and when they arrived there was no seat for them!! I don’t think guests realise the reason you are desperate for their RSVP back is because without knowing if they are coming or not you don’t know how much your wedding is going to cost you! For us it’s not just the cost of the food, but ordering their knife, fork, spoon, arrival drink glass, wine glass, beer mug, water tumbler, champagne flute, chair, napkin, placemat, and this then leads to the amount of tables, table cloths, table centres, bottles of wine, jugs of beer, wine coolers, salad bowls, serving spoons, salt and peppers, ramekins….. So you get my point the list is endless, and so if the cost of one guest. These costs are the most important and the most expensive of the day, so I want to know the final bill and just get it paid, so I don’t have the worry of it and it would be a massive weight of my shoulders! And if closer to the wedding the saving pot is looking low we can take of the extras rather than the essentials. Brides and Groom’s don’t feel guilty about this, chase your rsvp’s I put endless social media hints on, who cares if you irritate your guests, they are bugging you not responding, as stopping you with your wedding planning.


RANT OVER…….back to the invitations! I had wanted to buy cards to ask people to be our witness’s and do readings at our wedding, I found some lovely ones online and ordered them. Within in seconds I got a message from my Photographer asking had I just ordered some cards, as I ordered them with her. Little did I know Darena also does designing on the side so I asked her if she would be interested in designing our wedding invitation? She said she would love to, so I sent her all my ideas and wording, and she worked her magic and made them just how I pictured them. She sent me all the designs and then sent me the link to where she prints all her bits ( along with a step by step instructions how to upload them including paper size quality, type of envelopes with them etc and let us order them ourselves which saved us a massive amount of money! I can’t believe the little amount we spent on all our day invites with envelopes and rsvps, evening invites with envelope and rsvps and my parents are having an after party the day after for a special few (few we are talking around 60-80) people so we ordered them too! Anyone looking for their invites go over to the as they do have a lovely wedding range which is so reasonable or you can upload your own designs and have them printed! We choose Gesso 300gsm paper with no lamination with square corners and Kraft brown envelopes and the quality was great, the invite itself was more like card. To finish the Invites off, I tied the two or three (if you were lucky) bits of card together with string….my plan was to do this to the evening guest to, but it took hours so theirs just went straight in the envelope! Sorry!



So advice pointers;

  • First impressions count, make the invitation your happy with!
  • If you’re working on a budget it can easily be done! Don’t waste your money you’re going to need it further down the planning line!
  • Make sure you have all the info you need, on your first draft you will notice things you have missed, look at loads on line, for us putting ‘cash bar only’ was useful as there won’t be signal in the garden for a card machine to work, and nowadays people don’t often have money on them they just use their card!
  • Look at lots of local suppliers, and national ask for samples, to look at the quality of not just their work but the paper/card too!
  • Set your RSVP by date a lot earlier than you actually need it, I read on some blogs and magazines they suggested 6-8 weeks before the wedding, I think that’s way too late I went with four months before so it gave me time to chase, (because you will have to) time to work out place settings, order table names/numbers, name cards etc..
  • Make sure you have a spread sheet with all your guest names on so you can mark off when the have replied and know who to chase.

Pointer for wedding Guests: Did you know it’s more polite to say no than not reply at all! Don’t worry about offending a couple by saying no I’m sure every couple wants a few no’s to save them some pennies!

Hope that helps you! And enjoy every moment of designing your invitation as it the official start for your wedding to your guest….NO PRESSURE!! If you are wondering, we did not get all our RSVP’s back on time, in the end I had to chase, so a few have just replied from me messaging them, or my hints of social media, and we are still waiting on six to reply but we do understand these have their own personal issues that will effect if they can make it or not so we totally understand this, and have spoke to our wedding planner about maybe adding them on last minute, which is no problem at all, just a little hard for us working out tables, do we leave it so there is gaps on tables if they do come or do we make it so instead of a top table and 15 rounds make it 14? again this will have an effect on our bill….yep wedding planning is hard work!

Have a great week, after a very stressful one for me moving out, putting most of our stuff in storage and moving back to the parents for a few months, our annual weekend away with the family and lots of friends to Center Parcs has been timed perfectly…..might even treat myself to a massage!


Megan xx


Days to go: 107 days


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