How long should you honeymoon for? It’s such a subjective question and there’s really no right or wrong answer but I’ve listed a few things to consider below – 

  • Would you want a minimoon first? Wedding planning and hen/stag parties can eat into your annual leave before you even start to think about your honeymoon. If you can only take a few days off work after your wedding it’s so important to spend a couple of nights away somewhere as Mr & Mrs to avoid feeling the post wedding blues. Imagine after all the build up going back to work the day after your wedding day, it would feel too weird like you’d never even got married. You could then plan a longer honeymoon later on if/when time and budget permits. 

  • Think about the type of honeymoon you want. I always find that a week is plenty long enough for a flip and flop beach holiday. It gives you enough time to properly switch off and depends on what kind of person you are but for me I feel any longer and you may start to go stir crazy. However, going somewhere with loads to see and do like a fly drive California trip or Australia would require at least two weeks to fit everything in. 
  • Whilst you want to soak up time with your new husband/wife, you’ll also be excited to get back and talk to your friends and family about the wedding day plus share the photos so you might not want to be away for too long.  
  • Consider flight lengths and times. Flying half way around the world will eat into your time away and will probably leave you a bit jet lagged. If you’re going afar then try to factor in more time. 
  • Europe on the other hand feels so quick and easy to get to especially if you’re clever with flight times. We always pick as early as possible so you arrive in time for lunch. And choosing night flights on long haul can lengthen your trip without having to pay for extra nights accommodation. 
  • You could take a couple of shorter breaks instead of one long trip. This lengthens the excitement and means you could tick off two destinations that you’ve wanted to visit. 
  • Remember that honeymoon deals at hotels often last up to a year after your wedding so mention it upon booking and take your marriage certificate with you. We actually took advantage of this and honeymooned twice within a year! Our first in July straight after the wedding and then again the following May.
  • Would you take an extended Gap Year style honeymoon? It’s becoming more common to take a few months or even up to a year out to travel the world. An interesting idea if you can get a sabbatical and have the budget. 

What are your thoughts? The average honeymoon length is eight days according to The Knot. However long and wherever you go, the honeymoon period after getting married will always feel so special.

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