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6After Phoebe’s 2017 wedding trend post, this week we are taking a little time to explore where Bridal hair and makeup is at now, and where it’s headed for 2017. I’ve asked some super talented hair & makeup artists to offer me some thoughts on this, and to give you a little #wedspo on the way. Of course, as wedding makeup is my job, I have some (hopefully well informed) thoughts myself on the future of wedding makeup and what we will be likely see heading into this year.



” I can’t say as a wedding MUA (for any of you who don’t know I’m Love Moi Makeup too) I really dig the term “trend” for makeup, hence why I avoided it for this post – the last thing you want your wedding look to be is some of-the-moment fashion thing that doesn’t reflect you at your truest, or take into account your skin tone , face shape and the makeup you like to wear. However I definitely have seen a change in the last few years in the general requests of my clients – I see an “instagram” influence coming through, particularly amongst my younger brides. That glamorous Kardashian aesthetic is penetrating bridal makeup, and clients I find are looking to put that influence into their wedding day makeup. Liquid lipsticks, highlighter, brows – these are becoming more prominent features to wedding makeup, and I think will continue to do so this year.

emilyThe shoot above and the collage shows the kind of work I love to do – for me it ticks the boxes of glamorous, wearable, soft yet dramatic. When planning your wedding makeup try not to get too involved in Instagram makeup in it’s heavy glory, just take the best elements from it – I think the Charlotte Tilbury visuals are a great way to see where Instagram meets wearable (and it’s definitely the kind of style I like to emulate). Remember it has to serve from day to night, and should look like the best you, so if you aren’t a big makeup wearer tread softly and find an MUA who does the kind of work that speaks best to you.”

PicMonkey Collage-10Michelle Lacey of BumbleBee Bridal {work above} says “Makeup wise it’s bolder in 2017, with stronger smokey eyes and more statement lips. Especially with the popularity of matte liquid lipsticks we are seeing come from the likes of Jeffery Star and Kat Van d. Highlight has become a strong contender for the ‘contour crown’ this year with brides wanting to follow the popular trend and have a stronger highlight than in previous years, but one that still has a bridal subtleness.

Personally I’m loving a bolder bride coming through my door this year, not afraid to move away from tradition and choose a statement look for her and her wedding party, embracing the current popularity of a stronger makeup look. As a makeup artist this allows you to create something truly unique for each bride.”

Raw128H A I R 

So where is hair headed? After the explosion in popularity of plaits over the last couple of years, and a real move toward loose, less structured bridal hair, will this continue?


Wedding & Vintage Hairstylist Flamingo Amy (who also styled the images above as well as the photos used in this post) ~ “2017 sees the continuation of brides wanting to keep it soft and romantic. Not quite festival bride, but also not overly formal. Clients are asking for soft waves and curls with a little body at the crown. Those that are wanting to keep hair down are looking to wear their hair in waves, rather than curls, with the occasional pulled-out messy plait thrown in for good measure!”


Award-winning Lisa Alger  {her work above}~ “My 2017 brides are all loving long, romantic style plaits with soft flowers throughout. Luckily this is also my favourite style to create, but can require lots of extra hair. Wearing your hair down no longer means just having curly hair! These intricate, yet simple looking styles enable brides not to have an undo, yet the knowledge that their style will stay in place all day, whilst still wearing their hair down. Lots of this inspiration is coming from Russia via social media and I don’t see this trend changing anytime soon.”


Lesley @ Pampered and Polished {her work above}~ ” My most requested hairstyles are soft, whimsical, loose ‘undone’ updoo’s with lots of movement in the hair and nothing too severe & ‘polished’ looking (although the odd bride still asks for this). These are contemporary & unfussy styles. Plaits and twists are still very popular! Again, a more rustic, whimsical looser braid is highly requested by both brides and Bridesmaids. Fresh flowers have still been very popular but I wonder if this will continue this year… ? I’ve had a few brides who have had bespoke hairpieces made for them last year and I think this might become more popular in 2017. Hair vines will be very popular this year too.”



Thank you to these lovely girls for sharing their thoughts and their work! Have you thought about your wedding hair and makeup if you are a 2017 bride? What are you loving and what’s over for you?

Emily x

Photos throughout (other than grids, all artists own) –

Photography ~ Megan Duffield Photography

Hair ~ Flamingo Amy

Makeup ~ Love Moi Makeup

Wedding Dress ~ Sassi Holford at Bottom Drawer Bridal


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