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This week I had a very exciting invitation sent to me…… an invite to my surprise HEN DO WEEKEND!! But before I go in to details on that I want you to meet my Bride tribe! I have always been the single one of our girl gang I have relied on friends, and friends to be mean so much! I am very fortunate to have so many great friends. I often say to myself and to the girls ‘we are so lucky to have such a FRIENDLY, LOYAL, LOVELY and the main thing for me DRAMA FREE girl gang! So meet my Maid of honors…..Amy and Terri


Amy has been my best friend since we were 12, we met at high school and just clicked!  Amy is the chattiest, friendliest, clumsiest, most stunning girl who has the biggest smile she is always the one who attracts attention to our gang, not just because of her hot looks, she just loves making friends, or does something funny!! We made endless stupid nicknames for each other when we were younger, as we both had surnames beginning with B, we called each other Bread and Breakfast for a while, Trad and Dish because we hired Traditional bikes on a centre parks holiday. The most unique thing we have done for our ENTIRE friendship is share a Birthday gift bag, which Amy originally brought me for my 13th Birthday, she loved the bag she was more excited about that than the present, so I decided to keep it and use it for her birthday, 16 years later we are still exchanging the gift bag!! I know even though we don’t get to see each other as much as we would love to as we live quite far apart, Amy will always be there for me, even if it’s a phone call…. Which will always last for at least and hour!


Terri is not just my cousin but my best friend. We have grown up with each other, she has become like a sister to me and not just me but my sisters Michelle and Marie too. She does so much for me, Tony and our florist, she is a GEM! Her and Tony call each other besties, I love how well they get on, poor tone has to often deal with drunk Meg and Tegs, it normally ends with him filming us singing chanting or trying to eat a night out delights, followed by the morning after bedroom banter….me and tegs laughing and gossiping on the bed while tone is struggling to sleep! I know on the morning of the wedding I can leave Terri in charge of making sure everyone is ready on time and sorting out who is next in the make-up chair, as she is just as bossy and controlling as me!


The Bridesmaids- Being a Middle Child is actually pretty awesome as I think it’s the best of both worlds as when I was young I got to grow up with Michelle and as she got older I then got to play with my little sister Marie! There was never any doubt I wouldn’t have my sisters as a bridesmaid, we are such a close family unit! We are all very different but so similar if that makes sense! As we have got older I think we all have got even closer! Another sister like friend who is a bridesmaid is my Village friend Harrod (Laura) she is the MOST FUN and LOUD person you will ever met, get her and Amy together and they have made friends with everyone in sight! I also have my High school and sixth form friends Kathryn and Kira. Kathryn is one the kindest and straight talking girls, this is what I love about her the most she is REAL! She may be the one of the quietest, but she is the most adventurous and craziest on a girls weekend away! Her moto on a night out is why do you need a mixer when you could just have a straight Vodka? She is  Kira and I did every lesson together at sixth form, and became such good friends, we have very close bond, we love the same food, and Tone and Luke get on well, on one night we created our own little whooooosh language, if we are not whooshing we are screaming spice girl songs!!

The Hen Do’s

As I have previously mentioned I have a massive family and loads of friends, so when it came to Hen do planning I knew I wanted to have two! One The Surprise Hen Do Weekend with my bridesmaids and a couple of close friends, to be a total surprise left in the safe hands of Amy and Terri to organise, so I could full on let my hair down without too many family members seeing my wild side! The second to be organised by my sisters, a massive Hen do Party for around 40 people! I have them all a few do’s, don’ts, wishes, dreams and Must nots, I will have to wait to find out!!

This week I got sent this…..


How beautiful are they? And how informative are they? Not even a clue? I am so excited where could we be going? I love that it’s a surprise, I am one of them annoying people who just finds surprises out without even trying to or meaning too! The packing side of it is slightly stressing me out, as I need to have outfit’s planned, what day wear do I need? I will need completely different outfits for a city break compared to a beach side location. I have already been buying and planning my honeymoon clothes, (yes organised me again!) so how can I plan for the hen do!! It is lovely though that I don’t have to organise it, I have organised a couple of hen do’s and I know how hard it can be getting money from people, stressful trying to plan it to everyone’s tastes and within a sensible budget. I will just be ready on the day and see where they take me!

With my Little sister recently becoming a Mum too the most adorable Arthur she won’t be able to make the weekend away. I have invited 5 other girls who I’m very close to, who I know will make the weekend even more awesome! Natalie, we became friends years ago through her fiancé Dave, and now she a floral lover too and works for us, so I get to see her pretty face nearly every day and bore her to death about the megatone wedding. Jess, I use to work with and is Kira’s boyfriends sister, she is the most thoughtful person I have ever met and loves a Spice Girls sing a long too! She also is planning a wedding this year which is going to be EPIC, am I am so glad I am getting married before I as if know I would be sat at her wedding thinking ‘oh god this is amazing, I need to change so much, as I think my attention to detail is high hers is off the scale.

Me Nat and Jess

Me Nat and Jess


Donna, I worked with at my first part time job as a lifeguard, Donna was pregnant and HUGE eating all the Mr Kippling cakes, (she will love me for stating that!) and had the funniest work banter ever, it was non-stop laughs, which continued on endless nights out! With now being a super busy Mum of three I don’t get to see Donna all the time but when do get a catch it’s just like old times non stopping gossiping! Kylie went to high school and sixth form with me Kira and Kathryn. Kylie use to be my original partner in crime on a town night out, we loved not a just a jager bomb shot but a jug of it! Kylie now lives in Cornwall with her husband and cute little boy Joshua, so I don’t get to see her much at all, I REALLY can’t wait to spend a whole weekend with her and hopefully get to see her gangster moves on the dancefloor!

Kylie Donna and Me

Kylie Donna and Me


Another drinking buddy of mine, and again a working buddy at the local leisure centre is the beautiful Becki, this girls knows what is needed for a good night out and it start with lots of pre drinks!! Becki is also not living close by as she currently working in Newcastle as a children’s nurse, I’m so looking forward to ‘getting on the bus’ (a drinking game) and travelling all over the world with her on the hen do!



Sorry this week’s blog isn’t full of advice but I wanted to shout out about my Bride Tribe, as I am truly grateful to have amazing friends and family! My advice to you though, don’t plan your Hen do, you’re planning the biggest day of your life, and wedding planning is stressful, so let someone else take the Hen do on! You don’t have to keep it a surprise but it is fun I’m not going to lie, it’s exciting trying to guess even when you don’t actually want to find out where you’re going! I will keep you all posted after each Hen do and maybe spill the beans on what we got up to!!

I have a very busy week ahead, the sale of house happens next Tuesday so we are currently packing up, putting are home into storage and moving back in with my parents for a few months while our new house is being finished, which means I get to start thinking interior design!! But I am so sad to see our cottage go as we have so many special memories here especially the proposal! Hope you all have a great week!!

Megan xx


Days to go: 114 days



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