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Good morning all! Oh my what a treat this morning. Greenery and botanical galore! I love that Greg and Emma just had a wedding filled with everything they love, from a surprise honeymoon organised by the brides mum (!) to thai style BBQ. I love Emma’s nod to vintage whilst having a very modern, non traditional wedding. On top of this, the day was beautifully captured by Neil. I think all newly weds need a portrait with a giant bear…

Photography | Neil Jackson

sheffield wedding photographer-1 sheffield wedding photographer-2 thebride

Dress – Glory Days, York.  Shoes – Zara.  Initially I was dreading wedding dress shopping, but in the end it turned out to be one of my favourite parts of the wedding prep.  I found out about Glory Days from a friend.  It’s based, on the top floor of a lovely old building.  You get the whole place to yourself for a couple of hours, and its like being in your very own wedding dress museum.  I had so much fun picking out dresses from all different eras, and having a good laugh trying them all in the fabulously retro dressing room sipping tea from china cups while old records were playing.  The dress I went for was a silk 30’s number in stunning condition for its age.  Haley did an amazing job making the alterations I wanted – taking in the flowing sleeves and draping the back.

Vintage headdresses by Debbi Harrison Bond.  I found Debbi on etsy; she makes her amazing headdresses from vintage broaches.

sheffield wedding photographer-3 sheffield wedding photographer-4 sheffield wedding photographer-5 thehair&makeup

Make up – Julia Jeckell (www.juliajeckell.com); Julia did the make up at a friend’s wedding the previous year.  I loved the vintage laid back looks she creates, and Julia was great – she really listened to what I wanted, and helped fill in the gaps as I’m pretty useless when it comes to make up.  Hair – a wedding gift from my fab and talented friend, Halley, who I met whilst travelling in South America a few years ago. 

sheffield wedding photographer-6 sheffield wedding photographer-7 sheffield wedding photographer-8 sheffield wedding photographer-9 sheffield wedding photographer-10 thevenue

Ceremony – Botanical Gardens, Sheffield – we have always wanted to get married outdoors as we both spend lots of in the countryside.  Until we got engaged we didn’t realise that for a legal ceremony you needed a licensed structure (we didn’t want a blessing and separate ceremony) – so the gardens were perfect as they are licensed, but also had the outdoor element. 

Party – Hagglers Corner, Sheffield.  When we got engaged we both decided it was important that we did the deed in our home city of Sheffield. After much brain racking and searching, we had a light bulb moment for the party venue – Hagglers! We have been to the cafe and the fun events held there many times before, and have always loved the relaxed, cool and friendly vibe (in fact I was at a party there the night before we got engaged – which resulted in a rather hungover proposal).

Anyway, from the moment we met Sarah we knew it was perfect. Whereas at other places you can feel like you are on a bit of a wedding ‘conveyer belt’ and very restricted in what you can and can’t do, this was definitely not the case at Hagglers. They can do as little or as much as you need them to. Sarah immediately put us at ease and whipped up the excitement with loads of great ideas, which she later built into our very own Pinterest board.

On the day the place looked amazing ! Everyone was blown away, it really is a magical and unique place. Sarah and Dave (the owners) both really went out of their way to make sure we all had the best day. For example, at one of our meetings I had mentioned that my favourite cocktail was an expresso martini; so on the day Dave had sought all the ingredients, swatted up, and made many of what can only be described as the best martinis in Sheffield, if not the world!

sheffield wedding photographer-11 sheffield wedding photographer-12 sheffield wedding photographer-13 sheffield wedding photographer-14 sheffield wedding photographer-15 sheffield wedding photographer-16 THEGROOM

Suit and shoes – Ted Baker, Tie – Paul Smith, shirt – TM Lewin.  A quick in and out job!  (Greg hates shopping!)

Groomsmen’s outfits/accessories – Next

sheffield wedding photographer-17 sheffield wedding photographer-18 sheffield wedding photographer-19 sheffield wedding photographer-20 sheffield wedding photographer-21 sheffield wedding photographer-22 favouritemoment

Walking up the (very long!) aisle/central pathway in the park.  It gave me time to really appreciate seeing all my friends and family in one place, and then seeing Greg at the end of it – I was so happy, I couldn’t stop giggling.

sheffield wedding photographer-23 sheffield wedding photographer-24 sheffield wedding photographer-25 sheffield wedding photographer-26 sheffield wedding photographer-27 sheffield wedding photographer-28 sheffield wedding photographer-29 sheffield wedding photographer-30 sheffield wedding photographer-31 sheffield wedding photographer-32 sheffield wedding photographer-33 sheffield wedding photographer-34 sheffield wedding photographer-35 thebridesmaids

A variety of high street shops, including a real bargain from TK Maxx.  All my bridesmaids are very different so I didn’t want them to be too matchy matchy.  I wanted the common theme to be sequins for a bit of glam.

sheffield wedding photographer-36 sheffield wedding photographer-37 sheffield wedding photographer-38 sheffield wedding photographer-39 sheffield wedding photographer-40 sheffield wedding photographer-41 sheffield wedding photographer-42 sheffield wedding photographer-43 sheffield wedding photographer-44 sheffield wedding photographer-45 sheffield wedding photographer-46 theflowers

Orchis Floral Design.  Emma has a studio at Hagglers so knows the venue and Sarah well.  I’m a bit clueless when it comes to flowers, so showed Emma a few pictures and went along with the ideas she had – I loved the final effect!

sheffield wedding photographer-47 sheffield wedding photographer-48 sheffield wedding photographer-49 thephotographer

Neil Jackson (njphotographic.co.uk) – Neil had captured the wedding of our good friends a couple of years earlier, and we knew we really wanted him to photograph our wedding.  We love his relaxed and ‘in the moment’ shots.

sheffield wedding photographer-50 sheffield wedding photographer-51 sheffield wedding photographer-52 thefavours

I’m a hoarder of vintage glasses, so spent the 18 months collecting lots, then on the day people used them for their drink, before taking them home as favors at the end of the night.

sheffield wedding photographer-53 sheffield wedding photographer-54 sheffield wedding photographer-55 sheffield wedding photographer-56 THECAKE

My sister’s lovely friend Hannah who has since gone on to set up her own small catering company (the han-made catering co. – on facebook).  Hagglers also arranged for a cheese and pork pie cake, which all went down very well.

sheffield wedding photographer-57 sheffield wedding photographer-58 sheffield wedding photographer-59 sheffield wedding photographer-60 sheffield wedding photographer-61 thefood&drink

All done by Hagglers; we wanted something laid back where people could mingle so we went for a Thai-style BBQ, it was delicious.

sheffield wedding photographer-62 sheffield wedding photographer-63 sheffield wedding photographer-64 sheffield wedding photographer-65 sheffield wedding photographer-66 sheffield wedding photographer-67 sheffield wedding photographer-68 sheffield wedding photographer-69 sheffield wedding photographer-70 sheffield wedding photographer-71 sheffield wedding photographer-72 sheffield wedding photographer-73 sheffield wedding photographer-74 sheffield wedding photographer-75 sheffield wedding photographer-76 sheffield wedding photographer-77 sheffield wedding photographer-78 sheffield wedding photographer-79 sheffield wedding photographer-80 sheffield wedding photographer-81 sheffield wedding photographer-82 thehoneymoon

We decided on surprise honeymoon.  My Mum is a huge planner, and really loves planning holidays and trips away so we gave my Mum a budget and let her plan the whole thing.  She didn’t tell a soul, not even my Dad.  Then on the day we had a big map where people wrote their wedding message on a label and guessed our destination, which was revealed in the speeches.  It was a great surprise – we went to Dubrovnik (Croatia) and Montenegro.  Mum had created a super itinerary – wondering round the ancient cities of Dubrovnik and Kotor, chilling in old sea captain’s mansion which had been turned into a boutique hotel with yoga sessions in the mornings, kayaking on lake Skadar out to a monastery for a champagne lunch, hiking in the Durmitor mountains, whitewater rafting on the Tara river….

sheffield wedding photographer-83 sheffield wedding photographer-84 sheffield wedding photographer-85 sheffield wedding photographer-86 sheffield wedding photographer-87 sheffield wedding photographer-88 sheffield wedding photographer-89 theentertainment

Music was one of the most important things for us.  As soon as we got engaged we knew we wanted the local Sheffield reggae ska band, Jungle Lion to play – we have had lots of fun times with friends jumping around to them, and knew they would get the party going.  Sure enough on the night the dance floor was packed – at one point we even wondered if the floor would hold up!  We also have some talented musicians for friends; Caroline sang as I walked down the isle and during the reception (she had to put up with me blubbering in her lounge at the informal rehearsal).  Then our friend Ali sang a couple of Bob Marley classics for our first dance. 

sheffield wedding photographer-90 sheffield wedding photographer-91 sheffield wedding photographer-92 sheffield wedding photographer-93 sheffield wedding photographer-94 sheffield wedding photographer-95 sheffield wedding photographer-96 sheffield wedding photographer-97advice

Relax!  Don’t get hung up on small details, you won’t even notice it on the day.  Make sure you step back at points on the day and appreciate what is happening, as it all goes so quickly.  People will want to help and be involved, stay true to yourself and your own ideas, but go with this and dish out the jobs. 

Where did you find your inspiration? – previous weddings we have attended, Pinterest and getting the opinions and ideas from those providing the services (e.g. flowers, make-up).  In particular, Sarah from Haggler’s was a dream, and over lots of cups of coffee and chats ideas evolved!


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What an amazing wedding everyone looked artistic.

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