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Hello dear reader! I often get emailed in the weeks leading up to the New Year with requests to contribute to articles etc as an ‘industry expert’. I don’t consider myself an industry expert, sorry if you are reading this and hoping to a trend led post based on data and market research. My trends posts are always based on what I have noticed popping up more, and in essence, which of those trends I actually like. I have been in the industry for 7 years so I know what works, how it can work and whether it will be faddy. For my trends to abolish post check back here next week when we banish several beloved ‘trends’ to the SYGM room 101. But for now, let’s enjoy what prettiness will be big in 2017.

There are some overarching themes for 2017. Greenery is big, as is minimalism. Paring back the wedding to what matters, where suppliers are sourced, everything. Some are even taking this further as the trend for eloping is gaining momentum. Making the day personalised, whether this is through pretty monogramming or using the advances in technology such as making custom snapchat geo filters. Brides are wearing whatever the hell they want, grooms are getting more involved and weddings are becoming less formal. We will have a closer look at all of these points over the next two days. But let’s start where Pantone tells us…


The greenery trend can start and stop with using some more foliage in your day. Whether its some ferns in your bouquet, or palm leaves around the ceremony. Adding plants as they are is definitely the easiest way to get the effect. You can even start in advance by shopping for plants yourself, ikea do such a great range at the moment. You just have to be able to keep them alive till the wedding. If you are not confident, just leave it all to the florist.

Groom Style

Oh please please please, green velvet for 2017. You buy a beautiful one from Hackett which I saw in store the other day, but there are high street versions available such as this beauty from Asos. Perhaps something to change in to for the evening? If velvet is a little out there, then a well dressed green suit will look beautiful, especially for spring and summer weddings. Slip in to green tweed for the colder months.

green dresses

Green compliments ivory perfectly. Add sequins, embellishments or even swap tradition bridal white for a green gown. So much love for these Ghost gowns and if you want something embellished then these are beautiful.


And if you are feeling it, a green eye?! Beauty for 2017 has taken a little bit of a shake up, there will be more on this in tomorrow’s post.


Big for 2017, lots of foliage. Hanging floral installations, the use of plants every where and using greenery for table names, on the cake, chair backs, anywhere you can imagine!


Stationery is simple, green and clean. Very botanical with emphasis on watercolour, calligraphy and strong clear typography. This leads us quite nicely on to the next trend…minimalism.


The minimalist trend can run as simply as keeping it simple, or as deeply as paring the whole wedding back to what matters. This is why eloping is also going to become a lot more popular in 2017-2018. The minimalist trend ties in quite nicely to Greenery from the clean lines of simple stationery and ceremony arches, to single stems on tables.


Minimal bridal style is big for 2017. Lots of clean lines, tailoring and structure. Charley at London Bride wrote a great piece on this, so pop over there for a look. Charlotte Simpson, Sarah Seven and Houghton NYC are my favourites for simple but elegant designs.


The decor brushes a little in to another trend for 2017, which is scandi. Simple, almost monochromatic decor of elegant lanterns, candles and a little rustic with natural elements. This also lends itself well to incorporate another trend of 2017 which is a nude palette. Helping blush pinks, taupes etc accent the greenery or monochromatic tones.


Pretty typography, lots of random looking numbers that do actually make sense, and simple colour palettes. Again, very scandi.

Breathtaking-Canadian-Elopement-at-Lake-Louise-My-Canvas-Media-23 copy

In the midst of wedding planning madness, I think we all go through a  “shall we just elope” phase. Well more and more couples are, in a very planned and beautifully curated way. You can find elopement photographers for your choice of elopement city/country and all you need to do is plan the legals then pack a small bag. Elopement doesn’t just mean Greta Green or Vegas anymore. It means Icelandic waterfalls and deserted Scottish highlands with only your nearest and dearest. I have linked to the blog posts the images came from so you can get a better idea how it all looks and works. Whilst most of the images I found were US/Canada based, it is becoming increasingly popular in the UK, my favourites for this are The Kitcheners.


A Canadian Elopement – My Canvas Media


A Yosemite Elopement – Tyler Branch

Isle of skye elopement

Isle of Skye Elopement – The Kitcheners

copenhagen elopement

Copenhagen Elopement – The Kitcheners

So what do you think so far for 2017? I think it is shaping up quite nicely, here it what to expect on the blog tomorrow as we continue to look at trends for the coming year (and probably the start of 2018)

  • Nudes – not Kim K style. Nude colour palettes which suit greenery and metallics well. Pale pinks, taupes, browns, dusty greys.
  • Metals – mixed metallics still going strong in to 2017. Copper, gold, brass, mercury anything goes.
  • Monogramming/Personalisation from tech to embroidery.
  • Scandi/Hygge
  • More on bridal fashion and beauty


(uploading them all now, they will be complete by tonight, my mac is at capacity and currently unusable *eek*)

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