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After sorting the venue I knew that the most important supplier to sort next was the photographer, as great ones get booked up so far in advance. In Norfolk we are so lucky to have some really good photographers, and through work I have become friends with so many of them. This made choosing one very hard for us, as we were so fortunate that we were offered amazing deals by many! This then made it the most awkward decision as we knew we had to say ‘sorry we chose someone else’ to work friends. We decided to ignore the figures that went with each photographer and really analyse their style of work and previous weddings they had done. I think this is the best advice I can give to brides and grooms to be. We all have our own preferences, you have to choose the photographer that will best capture your style. What a friend of yours wants from a wedding photographer may be completely different to you, and that’s OK! You have to make sure you choose the right one for you!

Tone and I really don’t want all the formal photo’s, we have too much fun planned and as we are the one’s paying for it we want to have the time to enjoy it too. We both love natural photos, when people don’t realise they are being taken. I have been at weddings when photographers have took hours taking so many different posed photos (I know the couples have probably asked for these), or often the photographer asks for people to do pretend laughing….. I’m sorry but I can’t stand this, I find it awkward, yes it may give you a great photo of your bridesmaids and you all looking like you’re having fun, but for me it will just remind me of a fake laugh! I want the REAL thing, I want to look back and have memories to go with the photos, and see our guest enjoying the day, as we won’t be able to see it all on the day!
Tone and I narrowed it down to five photographers, and went on their website and social media, and really analysed them, saying what we did and didn’t like. Photo’s to me mean everything, I have them all over the house, and before we had the keys to our cottage I had made lots of photo frames ready to hang in every room. So it was vital choosing the right one for us, as when the big day is over these are all the memories we will have visually to look at every day. We both then had another look on our own and wrote down our favourite without the other seeing! We wrote down the same person! Darina Stoda Photography!

I was so excited I had to message her straight away to check she still had the date free. I had never met Darina personally but she had done work with our shop on a photoshoot and the photos were astounding. Darina has the most amazing talent, her photos are so stylish and edited perfectly, just the way we like them, oh SO natural, dark and mysterious, it’s like she captures the atmosphere.

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When we booked Darina, she wasn’t the biggest known photographer she hadn’t done loads of weddings, she was just starting out and this is what really excited me as her photos were already incredible, and you could just tell she had a passion for photography, and a breath of fresh air to bring new styles forward, not the classic couple standing arm in arm looking into the sky shots! Over the last year it has been so great seeing Darina’s photography grow massively, she has really got a name for herself now and so many bookings, which she totally deserves. She travels all over too, so any couples on the hunt for a photographer take a look she won’t disappoint!

I don’t think it’s just about the photo’s a photographer will capture but how well you connect with them too, you have to think they will be there with you for most of your wedding day including the morning, with hair make up and getting into the dress! Darina offered us a free engagement photo shoot, at first this was an absolute NO from both of us. We both are not the posing type, we, well I may take a few selfies but we are more likely to pull a stupid face than work on getting the right angles for a ‘look at us so in love photo.’ This was our type of we have just got engaged photo!


A few months passed and Darina pushed more on the engagement shoot, I started to warm to the idea as I thought it would be nice to have some nice photos of us both and I loved the idea of getting the dogs involved too. Tone finally agreed when we suggested doing it in his parents garden, so nobody could see us ‘posing’ and it was a great idea for Darina to where she would be shooting on the day too! He did also s demand NO one was allowed to see the photo’s…..but when Darina sent a sneak peek that night I could not resist! When we got all the photos they were just perfect, I could not stop looking at them! We were so happy with them and even more excited to see our wedding photos!!! I also booked my makeup trial for that day too, with the very talented Keely, I thought it was a great excuse to have my make up all done!! Keely did an amazing job, I’m awful at make-up I don’t have the patience, I’m no girly girl, but Keely made me feel pretty and like oh wow I can scrub up alright! It was great too as Keely did my make up in the morning on the HOTEST day of the year, I was sweating! We moved the photoshoot back to later in the evening around 7.30pm as the sun was so strong and my make-up was still as perfect as it was in the morning! So I knew I had found the right gal for the job!!

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Any couples considering if they should or shouldn’t have an engagement shoot, WE both would really recommend it. WE both really did not want to do it, even minutes before, but after WE both said how we are so glad we did, as it gave us an idea on the day how Darina works and how we need to act for our couple shots. Darina put us at complete ease, I think it was a great way to get to know her too. We were very fortunate as it could have gone the other way, and didn’t like the way she work, or we could have found her too bossy (she is totally the opposite) she could have asked us to fake laugh etc.… we had not even thought about this until after, as if it didn’t go well and we found it awkward or wasn’t happy with the photos what would we have done? I think we would have rebooked with someone else, but would have maybe had another engagement shoot with them first to see if we liked the way they worked? A little food for thought for couples looking to book their photographer!
Hope I’ve helped with this post, if anyone has questions or wants me to cover any particular topic please get in touch

Megan xx
Days to go: 120 days

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