MEGATONE WEDDING | I’m Feeling MEGA Motivated

Our Super Saturday of meetings has got me feeling all motivated, organised but with a big to do list and slightly panicked as its feeling VERY real now! We measured the marquee out in the garden, its HUGE! I just can’t wait for it to be up and I then I can really picture it and start filling it! I have ‘over the top’ epic floral plans for the marquee and John at Rudds Marquee’s was so helpful with logistics of how we will do things (I don’t want to give too much away yet!) I think a ‘How does a florist pick her wedding flowers?’ will have its own special blog!

We finalised everything with Jaymi (our Wedding planner) I love how organised she is too! This morning I received a near minute to minute running of the day, even including what her staff will be doing when and where. For me this is so important as I will let myself stress about it as I want everything to run smoothly, I feel a lot of pressure with organising our wedding, as I think people expect it to be more than good with me working in the wedding industry and me nonstop talking about the MEGATONEWEDDING! We have lots of friends getting married THIS year (I’m still getting use to writing that, was then writing next year) and I am just so happy I am going first, so I can go to their weddings and just enjoy every moment rather than thinking;
• I like that idea!
• Is that something we need to change / add
• Oh no I’ve planned that too…
• What food and drink are guests enjoying?
• Are the timings working?
• What are guests moaning about (there is always someone with something wrong at a wedding right?)
The list is endless, and it wouldn’t be about me judging their wedding, but how to make sure we please people at ours. I think with the planning this is the hardest part I have found, how to please everyone, and I know you don’t have to, I need to remember it’s about what me and Tone want not others, but I’m a natural host and pleaser! I can stress myself out with just having the girls around for tea in case it’s not perfect…..I’m not going to lie I’m currently doing that while trying to get the blog finished on time! I have text Tone to make sure he is home on time to help with tidying the house….that is where he is so great to me!!
Back on track…..We met our vicar too on Saturday and he was lovely. He was so welcoming and friendly and laid back. With putting flowers in many of churches I have come across some very strict, strange and wonderful vicars, but we have hit jackpot! He doesn’t mind us having are own music playing, he doesn’t mind how crazy I go with the flowers! He even made an order of service on his laptop within an hour of us leaving and had emailed it to me!! He is certainly is the perfect vicar for organised me!

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Not only am I feeling motivated with the wedding, but I am with myself too! I’m ready to really focus on Shredding, Sweating and Slimming for the Wedding! Last night Tone joined me at Bootcamp! GO Team MEGATONE! I have always struggled with going to the gym and having the motivation, as I don’t push myself! We go to a local boot camp (SK Health and Fitness) held by Shaun a friend I made through working at a local leisure centre. The sessions are HARD and intense but fun too, as they go so quick and make you work! Today I certainly am aching! Shaun is great too as he will walk past while I’m doing a plank and make comments like, think of that wedding dress or just MEGATONE WEDDING, so that makes me not give up on each exercise.

I have made a ‘pact’ with myself to go every Monday and Thursday and any I miss (unless due to work or a basketball match) I have to fine myself £5 to go into the Wedding pot! I need goals and aims if not I don’t focus, and soon will miss too many sessions! One of my friends Laticia who is also getting married this year is going to join me every Thursday session too so we can motivate each other to go every week, and hopefully Tone will stick to Mondays so then I have no excuse!
Along with the sweating and shredding I am committed to slimming too, and keeping to a healthy diet, a lot harder said than done! I was going to slimming world as I think it is a great diet and teaches you about food and how to eat healthy by eating more rather than a fad eat nothing diet, but with paying for bootcamp, and I play basketball, to pay to go to slimming world too isn’t helping saving for the wedding. So I am trying to keep on plan myself with a weekly weigh in! I have to try as my dress comes in in February and I don’t want to try it on and it doesn’t fit, or look back at photos and think why didn’t I try lose more weight!

Lots of emails and job lists to tick of this week! I’m ready LETS DO THIS!
Megan xx
Days to go: 129 days

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