I’m GETTING MARRIED THIS YEAR!! I’ve been planning for a year now A YEAR! How fast has that gone, and we have 4 and a half months to go! That means before that I get to try my dress on again after a long year of waiting, I get to find out where I’m going on my surprise hen do weekend, I get to go to my BIG hen do party and for the first time ever, I’m going to have all my bridesmaids together for their dress fitting! Tone brought me ‘Meg’s happy thought’s’ note book to write down all the amazing memories 2017 is going to give us, how cute! I can’t wait to write in it but slightly scared what to write first!

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas, I certainly did, and Christmas Day was my first day off in December so I took full advantage of a few days off, apologies for the lack of a blog last week. Christmas celebrations started early for me as my Little sister got proposed to on Christmas Eve. I’m so happy for her and Ross and their little boy Arthur and I can’t wait to help them with all the wedding planning.
SO….2017 it’s going to be a MEGA year for us, firstly we have sold our cottage, which means we are likely to move out in January, and as we are building our new home, we are going to have to move back to my parents for a few months, all our fingers are crossed we move into our new home before the big day! This time last year we did had no plans of moving!
Wedding planning is in full swing this week, as Today we have THREE wedding meetings! First with our Marquee company, as we have decided to make the marquee even bigger…. 120ft long to be precious! I don’t want the marquee to be squished and I want to have lots of different styled areas. It will also be a backup IF (all finger crossed it won’t) it does decide to rain. I have always wanted a marquee wedding as it’s a blank canvas, and being totally floral obsessed I want something I (along with my sister and team) could go all creative and slightly over the top with. The choice of venue for the marque was an easy one for us, Tone’s parents live on a beautiful farm, with a picturesque garden and we wanted every aspect of the wedding to be personal to us. Choosing the right marquee company wasn’t hard for us, Rudd’s Marquee is local company who I have worked with lots, the best for service and reliability, Tony use to play golf with one of the owner’s son’s too. I know if anything goes wrong, if it rains or we need to change anything last minute Rudds will make it happen. We did get quotes from other companies, as you have to do with everything to compare, they were not the cheapest or the dearest, but quality and having faith in a company is by far more important than saving pennies.



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Our second meeting is with our wedding planner Jaymi, from Unique Norfolk Wedding Venues, through work I have become friends with Jaymi and wouldn’t want anyone else running our day. When your organising your own wedding in your own venue I think it vital to have someone taking charge and run it for you, I want everyone to enjoy the day and no one including myself, bridal party or family have to worry about, handing out canapés or has everyone got an arrival drink. Poor Jaymi has had endless emails from me asking the, the smallest of details, and changing food options, glass’s etc.… I really do worry about the tiniest of things as I just want to please everyone and make the day the best possible.


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Our third meeting is the one I’m most anxious about, a year ago today we went to my childhood village church to discuss getting married there. Being allowed to married at Shouldham Church means everything to me, I couldn’t imagine myself getting married at any other church, I’ve had many school trips, concerts, harvest festivals and even walked up with aisle as Mary in the nativity play, so I feel it’s just the RIGHT place. Unfortunately the priest wasn’t well but we chatted with the church verger, who I knew from living in the village and he put us in the diary! A year ago today we set the date! Where has that year gone! A month later I spoke with our priest and she was lovely so laid back, told us we could do anything we wanted and even told me I MUST be late, to make Tone sweat….anyone who knows me and my strict wedding timetable, being late would stress me out! The priest told us we didn’t need to speak again till November, being organised me this worried me slightly as we didn’t have anything written down confirming the church being booked or we had not discussed money. In October we found out that we no longer had a priest as she had moved parish’s. My younger sister had booked her son’s christening at the same church in February and had a call to say they would have to move it two hours later, she was not happy about this as she had booked a venue after and caterers. Luckily they managed go sort it. When I spoke to the Church Verger he told me he would write down our date on a piece of paper and for me to worry about it in February! FEBRUARY!! I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, I had sent the invites out, what if they decided they couldn’t get a priest or they wanted to change the time? And our bands were supposed to read in February and read in the village church we live in too, which also had no priest. I was in panic mode!!!
In December our house phone rang late one night (anyone else panic when the house phone rings? WHO is ringing us? And why are they ringing at 9pm) it was a very well-spoken gentlemen who told me he was going to be our priest for our wedding. HALLELUJAH!! He asked if we could go to his home in the new year a meeting as he had lots of questions to ask us, and we must do it as soon as possible as did we realise the wedding is VERY close…..(in my head I was screaming yes yes yes I know) I was so thankful he sounded so organised. So this weekend we are going to his house, which is about 40mins away, to say I’m nervous is an understatement. What will he ask us? Will he like us? Will he allow us to play the music we want? Do we bring him something like a cake or flowers?
Lots to sort this week, a great way to start to 2017 being super organised, just how I like it!! Hope you all have a great week, and if your newly engaged get in planning mood you’ll love it!
Megan xx
Days to go: 132 days

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