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Emily’s name had popped up a couple of times on my instagram feed, when I snooped on to her profile and saw her wedding I knew I had to have it. It was the pastel green jacket over her gown and a beautiful floral crown that sold it. I didn’t need to see anything else, I just knew she was the type of girl who would have had a glorious wedding, and I was not disappointed. I think Emily and Chris have nailed what I think is the perfect wedding, super relaxed, insanely gorgeous flowers in abundance, so many smiling faces…and a pudding bar. What a gorgeous way to ease in to 2017.

photography | Maryanne Weddings 

emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-3 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-4 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-6 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-9 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-13 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-14 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-21 theflowers

Ted Martin Flowers, Tisbury –

emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-22 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-29 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-31 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-36 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-39 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-41 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-42 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-45 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-48 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-49 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-55 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-61 thehairmakeup

Both hair and make up by Evie Smith –

I chose to wear the first perfume Chris brought for me – Giorgio Armani Si. It’s such a pretty, delicate smell that felt perfect for the day. A lot of people commented on how nice I smelt so I am glad it stayed on all day.

emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-63 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-65 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-67 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-77 thebride

I am quite a casual dresser and from the start knew I didn’t want a dress that was too over the top. I wanted to be comfortable and wanted something I could move in. I booked an appointment at Something Old, Somthing New and my dress was the second I tried on. It instantly felt like me and was pretty much identical to a picture I had drawn a couple of weeks before.

Dress –

 I wanted to wear a cover up for the day so decided to get a jacket made, choosing the right fabric was really tricky and I went through lots of different options until I got to a lovely soft linen fabric in a light green. A family friend made my jacket and it was absolutely perfect. In the evening I changed into the comfiest Hush denim jacket, which everyone loved and commented on. 

Shoes – I knew I wanted something that gave me a bit of height but I don’t normally wear heels so I didn’t want to be uncomfortable. It took a while to find the right pair but in the end I went with a simple ivory shoe from the Rainbow Club at John Lewis. In the evening I changed into a pair of gold Saltwater sandals.

emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-78 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-79 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-88 thebridesmaids

My sister lives in France so one Saturday in December last year she flew over and I had all of my bridesmaids over to my house. I had brought a big selection of dresses for them all to try (my spare room was full). They all decided on the same dress – a pretty pink, full-length dress from Hobbs. It was gorgeous and they all looked great. The girls then each chose what shoes they wanted and in the evening changed into leather and denim jackets.

But as you’ll see from the photos they’re not all in the same dress, my sister announced she was pregnant and would be 8 months pregnant on the day so she changed her dress and got something from France. It was such a pretty dress and worked so well with the rest of the girls.

emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-90 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-91 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-93 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-95 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-96 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-97 thedecor

I didn’t really want a theme as such but I knew I wanted flowers and soft lighting everywhere. When we started planning we didn’t decide on a colour scheme, we just went with what we liked and slowly one seemed to come to life. We wanted muted tones to tie in with the tipi marquees and the location of the wedding reception (under the apple trees and next to a derelict farm cottage at my parents converted barn). I love eucalyptus so knew I wanted that alongside Café au Lait dahlias my mum grew. 

I collected lots of vases, which we used for the flowers on the tables. We got bunches and bunches of flowers from our florist and spent Friday afternoon making up individual posies. 

We used galvanised pots, a vintage wooden ladder and apple creates to create different levels and display flowers, candles and prints, which I had brought from Etsy. 

We had lots of small glass candle holders left over from my sisters wedding so we set about sticking small gold hearts to each to give them a new lease of life. We used 8 hour burning candles, which we brought in gold cases instead of silver ones. 

My amazing husband made our light up bar letters, which were used in the bar he built with his dad, brother and one of the ushers. 

We made and painted wooden signs that we used all over the place. 

For the table numbers we got white Ikea photo frames and spray painted them gold. These with the inserts from our designer looked lovely 

We had a couple of fire pits that we put straw bales round, on top of the bales we popped sheep skin rugs so people could sit down and relax. 

On the dance floor we got large LOVE balloons from Etsy, which we put at the entrance. 

Making sure we had lots of flowers was key; my mum and her friend decorated the arch with foliage and pretty hydrangeas and dahlias. They also hung flowers from the main beam in the tipi along side tea lights. It looked absolutely amazing

emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-98 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-102 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-103 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-105 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-133 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-140 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-159 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-170 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-173 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-192 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-203 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-206 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-210 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-211 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-223 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-226 favouritemoment

Probably just after we’d got married, we jumped into the vintage Jaguar we had borrowed from a family friend and drove the long way round to my parents. We couldn’t stop talking and smiling. It also gave us a much needed opportunity to remove all the flower petals we had been covered in coming out of the church. That moment and also when we went down to the river where Chris proposed to have a couple of photos. 

It was such an amazing day. It went by so fast though so do try to stop and step back. 

emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-230 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-235 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-246 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-249 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-252 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-255 thehoneymoon

We had a mini-moon straight after our wedding. We went to Babington House for two nights, which was totally amazing, and the best hotel I’ve ever been to. Then we hired a cottage in Cornwall for a week. It was all really relaxing and didn’t mean we had to think about packing for somewhere hot as well as wedding planning. 

We might look to go somewhere next year but we’ve just brought a house so that’s our priority at the moment

emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-263 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-267 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-276 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-278 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-292 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-296 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-307 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-312 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-315 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-323 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-326 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-328 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-329 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-333 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-334 thegroom

Chris tried on a few different suits but in the end chose a 3 piece blue suit from M&S. He wore it with a white shirt from TM Lewin, a blue and white spotty tie and brown brogues. He looked so handsome and he said how comfortable it was

Groomsmen’s outfits/accessories: The rest of guys wore the same suit, tie, shirt and shoes as Chris but without the waistcoat for the ushers.

emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-342 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-344 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-346 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-347 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-352 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-360 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-364 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-366 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-368 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-369 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-372 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-376 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-378 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-404 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-425 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-429 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-431 thefooddrink

We didn’t want a formal affair when it came to the food, it didn’t feel right in the tipi marquees so we opted for a more casual menu. We also decided that instead of starters, we’d just do lots of canapés and for pudding we had a whole table of puddings to chose from.

We got the booze from a tiny wine shop in the village in France where my sister lives. We did a taste testing and it was then all sent over. It was really great to be able to chose something quite unique and it meant we could have my favourite bubbly. We opted for no spirits behind the bar but we did make our sloe gin and blackberry vodka, these were delivered to each table at the end of the meal in decanters alongside tiny little glasses, which we had collected.

emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-432 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-444 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-451 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-452 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-469 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-470 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-471 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-479 thevenue

Church wedding followed by reception at Emily’s parents house in Wiltshire

emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-481 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-484 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-486 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-490 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-493 thestationery

My super talented friend offered to create our wedding stationary and what an amazing job she did. We loved working together to create something perfect and I would highly recommend her. 

emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-494 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-500 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-501 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-509 thecake

My sister is a brilliant cook and very kindly offered to make our cake for us. It was perfect and the fact that she had made it was even better. 

emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-519 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-520 theentertainment

We knew we wanted a band and we knew what sort of style we’d want but it took us a while to find our band. We felt that it was such a big part of the day we just didn’t want to get it wrong. Luckily we chose right and Festival Nights who played for us were totally amazing. They had everyone (including my 90 year grandma) on the dance floor. Utterly brilliant and so much fun.

emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-522 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-523 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-534 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-541 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-544 emily-chris-maryanneweddings-17sept16-548advice

Enjoy it! I know so many people that get themselves so worked up and stressed out over the planning but there really is no need. Ask friends and family to help you with what they can and don’t over stretch yourself. It should be a fun time and it shouldn’t leave you upset or angry.

I took everything in my stride, maybe my job helped as it means I am used to planning and managing budgets but I tried to not let things take over.

Where did you find your inspiration?

Instagram, blogs, pintrest 

I had Pinterest boards and lots of photos of what I was looking to achieve. It really helped on the run up to the wedding when there were tons of people asking me what I wanted where etc. I could show photos and it really guided them 

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