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facebook-profile-picture By Phoebe

Good morning! Can you believe we are nearly at Christmas? We are skipping to August on the blog today as those of you planning a summer wedding will be on your 8 month countdown now here is a little bit of inspiration. Eeeek. Katie and Ben’s day consisted of a gorgeous floaty gown, beautiful summer flowers and plenty of smiling faces. Not to mention beautiful summer light, a wonderfully decorated barn and a super cute flower crown.

katie-ben-4 thestationery

Paperless Post – all of our stationery incl invites, menus, order of service sleeves (we printed and stapled in the pages)

katie-ben-6 katie-ben-7 katie-ben-10 thebride

Katya Katya Shehurina – I bought ‘Floriana’ from their central London boutique at 7 Smiths Court (entrance from Brewer street)

Shoes- Mimosa in Ivory from Rachel Simpson

Bride’s hair accessories/veil    Katya Katya Shehurina veil, Flower crown made by Hannah at Ruby & Grace

katie-ben-11 katie-ben-13 katie-ben-14 katie-ben-15 katie-ben-16 katie-ben-17 katie-ben-18 katie-ben-19 katie-ben-20 katie-ben-21 thebridesmaids

ASOS – ‘Kate Lace’ two in dusky pink and two in dusky blue. I gave all four of my gorgeous bridesmaids necklaces – four different varieties of leaves, two in silver and and two gold. All of the leaves symbolised the qualities in each of our friendships.

katie-ben-22 katie-ben-23 katie-ben-24 katie-ben-25 katie-ben-26 katie-ben-27 katie-ben-28 thevenue

Beenham Church, Berkshire and then The Black Barn at Rushall Manor Farm, Berkshire – we chose the church as it is my parents’ local church, and it’s so sweet and a quintessential country church. The Black Barn is beautiful and natural in its setting and a huge blank canvas to work with and to really make our own.

katie-ben-29 katie-ben-30 theflowers

Ruby & Grace, Pangbourne – Personal flowers, church doorway arch, lichgate flowers, church pedestal flowers, cake flowers, venue beams and doorway display with crates etc

Hedgerose, Marlborough – Table runner garland

My mother’s friends (Jennie & Sue) – pew ends, church windows, jam jars on crooks, table plan etc

katie-ben-31 katie-ben-32 katie-ben-33 katie-ben-34 katie-ben-35 katie-ben-36 katie-ben-37 katie-ben-38 thedecor

Decor items brought in by suppliers:-

     Lighting – Oakwood events (incl chandeliers)

     Hay bales – a kind local small hold farmer leant the hay bales to us

     Stage and Dance floor – Corporate Events

     Linen – Northfields

Sourced by the bride:-

     Cushions, votives, table plants, candles, lanterns, shepherds crooks, sparklers etc etc

     Jam jars – scrupulously collected by the bride’s mother for over a year!

     Seating plan mirror – found on eBay!

     Large wooden K & B letters, painted gold for guest to sign – we had these cut, then we painted them at home and our guests left some lovely sweet messages on them

     Small wooden menu holders – hand made by the bride’s father

     Confetti – Shropshire Petals, divine real delphinium petals – they smelled amazing and of course were biodegradable (very important in church grounds)

katie-ben-39 katie-ben-40 katie-ben-41 katie-ben-42 katie-ben-43 thegroom

Bought from Oliver Brown, off Sloane Square. Cufflinks – bride’s gift to Ben – a pair of 1920s gold cufflinks from A. R. Ullman in Hatton Garden
Tie – woolen tweed from Clarksons of York

Groomsmen’s outfits/accessories Tie – woolen tweed from Clarksons of York, Cufflinks – silver cufflinks from Clarksons of York. Bestman – Ben gave his brother a watch and vintage cricket ball with a message written on.

katie-ben-44 katie-ben-45 katie-ben-46 katie-ben-47 katie-ben-48 katie-ben-49 katie-ben-50 katie-ben-51 katie-ben-53 katie-ben-54 katie-ben-55 katie-ben-56 katie-ben-58 katie-ben-59 katie-ben-60 katie-ben-61 thecake

Rosewater Bakery, Pangbourne – A stunning four tier buttercream masterpiece! The cake layers included decadent passion fruit cake with passion fruit curd and Swiss meringue frosting, vanilla bean with rich white chocolate ganache and fresh strawberries, and moist lemon cake with layers of fresh lemon curd, all coated in a rich vanilla frosting. Stunning flowers provided by Ruby & Grace.

katie-ben-62 katie-ben-63 katie-ben-64 katie-ben-65 katie-ben-66 katie-ben-67 katie-ben-68 thefavours

We made mini vials of our own ‘brand’ of tea! We mixed Assam and Ceylon, with crushed dried pink rose buds and blue cornflowers. It was very pretty, but Ben did have to clear up in his speech that it was in fact a blend of tea and not potpourri!

katie-ben-69 katie-ben-70 katie-ben-71 katie-ben-72 katie-ben-73 katie-ben-74 katie-ben-75 katie-ben-76 katie-ben-77 katie-ben-78 theentertainment

Band – Flash Mob Jazz from Brighton (amazingly talented!)

Magician – Maximilian Somerset from London (a huge highlight, think Derren Brown!! No seriously…)

katie-ben-79 katie-ben-80 katie-ben-81 katie-ben-82 favouritemoment

We both have different favourite parts of the day – Ben’s being when he turned around for a quick look when I was walking down the aisle (aww), and mine would have to be Ben’s brother’s best man speech – he was a little nervous about it, but it was just so fantastic, not only hilarious but truly from the heart and drew upon memories of Ben and me as a couple, how we had looked out for him over the years especially when we all lived together in Bath, it was truly touching for us. He had a lot of our guests in tears!

katie-ben-83 katie-ben-84 katie-ben-89 katie-ben-91 katie-ben-99 katie-ben-101advice

Get everything done as soon as humanly possible! Even if it’s a year in advance – make that spreadsheet, source those suppliers, buy little bits and bobs which catch your eye, get places booked, make as many things together as you can for that personal touch, start a Pinterest board and add all of your bridesmaids.

But take some time away from wedding planning as well – don’t let it take over all of your spare time together.

Pick only your most dependable, long-term friends to be part of your wedding party, and always include siblings, it is after all a coming together of two families!

Not everything will go 100% to plan, so try your hardest not to be too broken hearted should the wrong cake stand turn up, and if you are, and you’ve chosen your wedding party wisely, you’ll have your best girls/guys there to pick you up.

Right before you walk into the ceremony, take a moment or two – breathe, really breathe and remind yourself to be fully in the moment, listen to the words, remember it, and most importantly enjoy it!


Katie & Ben | Wedding | Berkshire from Mad Manners on Vimeo.

by Matt Manners

The wedding photographer was taken by Ant Prothero, he doesn’t specialise in weddings so doesn’t want a full credit. 

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