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2016 will definitely be remembered as a very strange year – a year in which anything can, and did happen, and one that proved there are certainly no certainties in life. It was also one which demonstrated the power of technology, and the immense influence of social media, more than ever – and I think a lot of these parallels can be applied to the beauty world.  How we shop now, who and what we are influenced by, and how trends are set is constantly evolving, but certainly doesn’t start in print magazines or on department store floors anymore. Social media is conflicting for us as it shows us both one single beauty ideal (big lips, big eyes, drag-influenced makeup techniques) but also celebrates individuality (although you might have to search a little harder to find it).  For me, I try to take it all with a pinch of salt, but am not immune to the hype and feverish excitement of new products, launches, gimmicks and brands which have become a source of fascination for many girls and women worldwide.

That is definitely not to say that the beauty industry isn’t super exciting right now – with technology moving on so quickly, and makeup and hair continuing to just be absolutely huge, the sky is the limit! Brands have to work harder and harder to create innovative products and get them to market as quickly as possible, which is great for us as beauty buyers, as it means a pretty constant stream of awesome newness to try, and trends being delivered to store quicker than ever before!

So, analysis aside, I thought I’d offer some final thoughts for 2016 on some of the best that it gave us, and what we can look forward to seeing in 2017. I’d love to hear your 2016 faves, so do tag us on Instagram if you’d like to share!


Best Celeb Bridal Beauty 

This year has seen some gorgeous celeb Brides – I loved Eva Longoria glamorous bridal look, and Ciara’s beautiful ombre waves were just hair goals. But Audrina Partridge gets it for me – she is the epitomy of a modern bride – that perfect balance of done and undone – soft smokey eyes, glowing skin – its all just perfect for her relaxed and romantic Hawaiian wedding. If you haven’t seen it, more here. 

My 2016 Bridal Beauty Must Have

This year I’ve fallen head over heels for Caudalie Beauty Elixir – a mist I use to prep, to set, to hydrate, to spray onto a brush to buff in foundation – so many uses! It smells amazing, and smooths, plumps, hydrates and tones but without leaving any traces of heavy product on the skin. If you have a summer wedding, or are marrying abroad, or are prone to dehydration throughout the day, or just have a face, buy it! Spritz it on whenever you feel the need, and thank me later.



Brand Set For World Domination

Charlotte Tilbury went from big to huge this year – and if you want proof, my CT Magic Foundation review remains one of the most read posts on this blog (forever baffling Phoebe and I!). Pricey, but the brand ethos, packaging and quality of products seem to have captured everyone’s imagination, and I’m sure this will continue into next year.

2016 Was The Year Of…

The Lip, of course. Not only did the world seem to go bonkers for lip filler (sad face), but liquid lipsticks went from matte to metallic, and lip colour went from cream to powders to glitters to pencils. If I had to pick one? It would be tricky, but I might be inclined to say Charlotte Tilbury’s Kim KW – every time I wear it and put a pic of instagram of it, everyone always comments on it.


It was also the Year of …

The Chrome Nail. I love! How could you not? This is a powder which is buffed on to the nail to give a mirror shine / 3D glitter effect. Just when you thought there was nowhere left to go for nails, this knocked it out of the park for wow factor.

Best Budget Brand

There isn’t any contest for me on this – NYX coming to the UK this year has been an epiphany, even for a relative makeup snob like me. As the quality gap between high end and low end becomes increasingly smaller, NYX are the perfect colour brand if you love high performance, fun and fashion led colour.


Hair by Flamingo Amy

Bridal Hair Trend 

It was also the year of the plait, and the more undone and intricate, the better. This definitely ins’t going anywhere for 2017, and hair texture will continue to be big wedding news. Creative colour was also big news this year, as it moves increasingly into the mainstream – more pastel haired brides ahoy!

So that concludes my 2016 round up post – have a fab Christmas and New Year, and I’ll see you on the other side! I’m already on the hunt for some next year newness to tell you all about soon….

Emily x


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