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Hello! I am so excited and privileged to be writing my first SYGM Bride Blog. I’m Megan, one half of the #megatonewedding and the other is Tone (Tony) my dear and husband to be. I thought it would be appropriate to go back to when the wedding planning official could begin……. With decorating over 80 weddings a year I’m not going to lie I’ve been planning the #megatonewedding in my head way before the proposal.


Tone proposed to me last year on Christmas Day, my favourite day of the year, and our first Christmas together in our first home. It’s one of the days along with valentines and birthdays I said before we were serious I would hate to get engaged on as it’s rather cliché. As Christmas was approaching I started to regret telling Tone that as I realised it would be a perfect day for us, as we would get to see all the family and both had time off and could celebrate with friends at New Year Eves, so when he did it, I was so shocked and so happy.

I LOVE CHRISTMAS and I’m such a Child when it comes Christmas…. I still believe! I even left father Christmas and Mrs Christmas a little drink and treat on Christmas Eve (I thought they may have liked a Gin and Tonic…..and they did!) I purposely brought special Christmas glasses for them to go in, some traditions are there not to be broken, and this was one I wanted to keep! After we had our stockings on the bed with our two little Jack Russell’s Bilbo and Bailey, yes another Christmas tradition! We both got ready to go to my parents, I knew Tone was waiting for me in the living room but little did I Know what was going to happen next, until he did one massive step towards me, he started to say the sweetest of things, I started to cry and ruined his speech he had planned and then he was down on one knee holding THE RING!


Tony’s mum works in a cute local jewellery shop that has some amazing vintage treasures in, 6 months previous I was walking past and popped in to say hi, she was just finishing chatting to some customers, as they left she showed me a ring they were thinking about buying, it was just beautiful, I have always wanted a sapphire, blue has always been my favourite colour and this ring was just what I had dreamt of being proposed with, I had to try it on!!! It was the perfect fit! I may have mentioned a ‘few times’ to tone that evening!! I was led to believe that, that ring had been sold, so to see it on Christmas Day I cried a bit more!!!


The festive period was just perfect, we got to share an exciting and special time with family on Christmas Day. On boxing day we had already planned a dog walk and dinner with our friends Aaron who is one of Tone’s ushers and his lovely fiancé Vicki followed by celebrations and champagne at theirs along with more friends.


We had one of Tone’s friends and his girlfriend staying over before New Year for a games night, gin’s and Food. Tone had decided he wanted Gaz to be his Bestman as they have been close friends since high school and we had done lots together as couples. Being a ‘games night’ it felt appropriate to incorporate this into the asking of being best man, so we played the game where you put a name of someone on each others head and you have to guess who you are, Tone wrote ‘Best Man’ on Gaz, the questions went on and on and Gaz was asking things like ‘am I God?’ ‘am I a Hero?’ and we just kept replying ‘you are the best!’ He had to give up and look, and was so surprised, it was such a fun way of asking him.

For New Years Eve we had already planned a party with all my friends and could not resist asking my closet to be my bridesmaids! I made some cards and wrote personal messages in each one. I gave cards to my Sister’s Michelle and Marie, my High school and sixth form friends Kathryn and Kira, and my cousin and best friend Terri who I asked to be my maid of honor along with Amy my best and longest friend, who was 9 months pregnant so wasn’t able to join in the celebrations, but Tone and I visited her and her gorgeous one day old daughter Isla a week and a half later. That’s night I did ask another friend too Harrod (Laura), my village friend who was traveling in Australia, so via face time I showed her the card, and let’s just say there was lots of screaming!! The night carried on with pass the parcel adult drinking style, lots of spice girl singing and dancing and chilli shots.

So within a week of proposing, we had asked the bridal party, I’m not going to lie I had ordered the bridesmaid dresses but that can be for another blog! The date had been chosen and we had decided on the venues……the following Sunday we went to the Church Service!

Megan xx


Days to go: 157 days

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