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You can totally tell we are skating into December now as glitter takes over our Instagram feed (and definitely mine) – and I love this time of year as I can throw glitter all over myself, and my clients, and just generally do sparkly things that no-one tends to go for in the summer.  I honestly think anything sparkly is such a mood booster!  I also often find my winter brides are happy to go for something more dramatic face-wise – and a little shimmer at a Christmas wedding looks gorgeous (my bridal glitter of choice is the amazing Makeup Forever Diamond Powder – see it below) So if you want to go for some sparkles this year, here’s a round up of a few tips and tricks to help you pull it off, whether you want a subtle glitter accent or full on glam.



Fine glitter to chunky glitter (Makeup Forever Diamond Dust and Dust and Dance respectively)

So the rule of thumb for sparkly eyes – the bigger and the chunkier the glitter, the more obvious it’s going to look and the harder it’s going to be to adhere to the eyes. So if you want a subtle shimmer, pick a fine, dust like shimmer, and if you are more confident with makeup application and want some wow, you can go for larger glitter particles.

Tips for application  –

  • You apply your glitter when you’ve finished your eyeshadow – otherwise you’ll just blend it away and move it. It needs to be before your mascara though, in case it drops onto your lashes.
  • You use a small squat brush like the Crown Mini Smudger, or the Mini Chisel Brush as this will allow you to pick up your glitter and press it straight on to the eye, meaning it will stick much easier, and won’t get lost in the brush bristles
  • You use a tiny bit of glitter adhesive if you want 1.lasting power, and 2.maximum impact. I love the Two Faced Shadow Insurance glitter glue (£16), but NYX Glitter Primer (£8) is a cheaper alternative – I simply apply all my eyeshadow and liner, and then take a tiny  bit of glitter glue on the back of my hand. With your little brush, either apply a tiny bit to the eye in the area you want the glitter, or apply it directly to the brush, dip into your glitter, and press straight on to the eye { don’t worry – neither of these products are actual glue by the way – more like a primer with a putty type texture which will grip your loose pigments}
  • There are lots of brands both high street and high end who do amazing glitter pigments – my faves are Illamasqua (subtle, fine glitter), Makeup Forever Diamond Powder, Mac Pigments and Pro Glitters. Barry M do some amazing glitter pigments too, as do Inglot. 

this is the same Ingot glitter pigment in two swatches – above is without primer, the bottom is with the Too Faced glitter glue underneath



I posted a photo on my Instagram and a few snapchats of this Glitter Lips set, and I had a barrage of messages asking what it was.  These are definitely not for makeup wallflowers, but they are such a gorgeous statement for out out!

In each pack you get a lip gloss bond (and this one actually is a glue!), a pot of glitter and an applicator with a brush on one end and a sponge on the other. They are pretty easy to use – you apply the glue to clean lips, wait for it to dry for a mo (with your lips parted so they don’t stick together!) and then you pat on the glitter using the sponge applicator. It literally sticks, and is totally weather, drink, night out proof – you’ll definitely need an oil remover to get this off because it stays put like you wouldn’t believe! The range of colours are gorgeous too – you can order these from Beauty Mart (£12.50) and I’m definitely ordering more for my kit because I know for Christmas party makeups these are going to be a hit.


Glitter Lips in Diamonds In The Buff


It is so easy once you’ve got some cosmetic glitters to make your own glitter top coat- simply paint your nails, add a clear top coat, roll your finger into your glitter pot, and then seal with another coat of top coat. Fine glitters will last a lot longer than chunky glitters, and give a gorgeous iridescence, but mermaid glitters are amazing for a night out! This one is from Dust and Dance – you can always add a single accent nails instead of a full set.


If you try any of these make sure you share your looks by tagging us on the SYGM insta!

Emily x

*Some of these products were sent to me to review but as always, I only share what I love.

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Nicole Keitch //

Love this, I plan on wearing lots of glitter at my wedding, thank goodness I’ve got lots of time to practice. Would love to do a post like this on my blog once I’ve got the hang of glitter!